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During the free trial, our goal is to generate conversions at a cost that does not exceed 10% of the value of an average cart.

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Black Friday discounts

Black Friday is the day with the biggest sales in the year, so large that traders even sell 10 times more on such a day than a normal day.

This phenomenon has taken so much scope that it has been adopted in several countries and has become in a short time a special day and a national phenomenon.

The number of searches on this day is exploding, and many sites get lost because of too much traffic.

How is this possible?

The answer is very simple: managers have not predicted such an increase in traffic and have not been adequately prepared for such a day.

Over the years, many sites have had problems with increased traffic, mistakenly processed the orders, remained out of stock, the online store’s loading speed has slowed down and has made it difficult for users to navigate. These are just some of the problems experienced by retailers. The list could continue, but this Black Friday is the day with the biggest discounts in the year.

There are retailers who do not have real cuts and that through different strategies manage to keep the price to a level similar to that applied to products over a year.

He has always taught retailers that they can not play so much with their customers because they have begun to prospect the market before acquiring. They all adapted, consumers were taught to analyze their products before Black Friday, and retailers were accustomed to offering real discounts to prevent their image being destroyed.

Recommendations for Black Friday!

  1. Create a shopping list to go to the stores where you find the products you want.
  2. Analyze the prices to know if what you want is really discount.
  3. Create accounts in order to be able to quickly order and place the card as a payment method because it is known that online payments have priority.
  4. Subscribe to the newsletter because there are many stores that send newsletters before Black Friday starts with the products to be on offer.
  5. Analyze the market very well during Black Friday because the product you want to be offered by another store at a much better price.

Even though Black Friday seems to be a day when only products are rebate, we must draw your attention to the fact that service providers are not left behind. Black Friday is a special day even for providers because they can offer discounts for service packages, coupons, vouchers, and can come up with all kinds of creative ideas to promote themselves.

For example: They can offer a free massage session when purchasing at least 3 sessions.

In the services area, the offers are limited by the creativity of the marketing team. Our recommendation is to pay attention to this special day and not just because it is a real opportunity to increase your customers’ numbers quickly


How can I increase my Black Friday sales?

No matter what activity you are doing, choose to work with marketing professionals. An online marketing agency is the solution for a quality, efficient marketing that will bring you results in a very short time.

The Promos agency offers you 7 days of free trial of our services to see what a good marketing can do.

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