Email marketing

The e-mail marketing campaigns represent the promoting method with the lowest cost per conversion, in case your customers are used to be informed by you through an e-mail. With the help of the campaigns, the conversation between the company and the client moves in the client’s inbox, and this aspect should be treated very carefully.

E-mail marketing services

Just by sending messages to all the people in the databases, you won’t have as a result a large number of conversions; it’s necessary to create a bond in order to segment the audiance, to deliver different messages and so on.

How many times a day do you check your e-mail?

People still check their e-mails, and this thing is an oportunity for you to sell more.

6 reasons why e-mail marketing campaigns are a smart investment

#1. The increase of the sales

By sending customized e-mails in which the selected products are discounted and in which the customer is interested, the chances to have conversions rise.

#2. Measurable campaigns

These campaigns can be very closely measured with the help of some indicators (the e-mail opening rate, the click rate or the conversion rate) which will offer you the information you need in order to improve your strategy and to have good results in the future.

#3. Return of investment

There are low realization costs that are adressed to a large area of subscribers. Through these campaigns you can get from conversation to sale, offering your subscribers the products in which they really have a interest.

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#4. Brand Awarness

Every campaign is unique, and the design and the appropriate identity elements present in the e-mails that will be sent on a regular basis will significantly contribute to the increase of the brand’s reputation. In order to convince your subscribers to buy, you have to keep in touch with them and to inform them about what is happening with your business (offerts, promotions, announces).

#5. Lead Generation

An E-mail Marketing campaign realized in a professional way will generate leads which will help the relation between you and your clients.

#6. Strengthens the relation with the clients

Sending a message is not a hard thing for anybody, and this way you can frequently communicate with your clients, and the communication can be belateral. This method will hel you to build a solid relation, based on trust, with your clients or potential clients, and this will accelerate the sale.

Taking in consideration the benefits offered by an efficient e-mail marketing campaign, it’s essential to include in your online promoting strategy the e-mail marketing campaigns, which will bring unexpected results with a low cost. The e-mail marketing campaigns have to be realized periodically in your business life, no matter of the company’s dimensions, because the subscribers need to be informed by you and you need to keep in touch with them in order to evolve and in order to convince them to come back.

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