Event marketing

Are you involved in creating a public event? Do you want to launch a new product or open a new workspace? You certainly need people to support and participate in these events.

The solution for the success of the event that you organize is represented by event-specific promotional services. Depending on the type of the event, its promotion strategy is tailored to the target audience, so the results are maximal.


We can help your business

Your company need an event marketing agency like us. We have expertize in event marketing services. We know how to increase your sales using growth hacking techniques.

We have colleagues in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Toronto, Melbourne and other cities. We are specialized in digital marketing services for e-commerce in fields like real estate, auto, apparel, cosmetics, tourism, health products and others.

We are an full service event marketing agency and we can offer all that you need.


Event marketing plan

– Conferences

– Trade shows

– Seminars

– Roundtable

– Summits

– Virtual events

– Hybrid events


To maximize the impact of event marketing strategies, it is necessary to clearly set objectives and use relevant KPIs. Defining and measuring the success of an event is as important as the event itself. If your event marketing plan is not implemented 100% is not a problem, is very important to fulfill your KPI’s. We recommend to work with our agency for your event.

Your event needs adequate promotion services. Let specialists in the field promote your event in the most efficient way possible and surely it will enjoy the success you dream about.

Contact us or tell us some details about your event and we will come up with appropriate promotional proposals.