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In a world that holds 7 billions of people, there are countless ways to promote your business.The online promotion campaigns need a strategy whith fitted messages for every type of customers.

Every company has a story, every person has a story, but what we want to do is creating a story where the client is the hero of the company’s story. That;s why every member of our team promotes the creative, flexible, out of the box way of thinking and adopts a proactive attitude.

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The experience we have in the online promoting domain gave us lots of knowledge which we try to develop by working on lots of projects, individual studying and by participating on lots of events in the domain.

The process of continuous learning has an important place in Promos agency policy, because the information from the digital environment changes very fast, and the creation of a good and efficient strategy can be realized only by having all the informations we need, so we can adapt the campaigns according with the changes that appear. Every online promoting project in our care has three key elements: professionalism, passion and orientation towards the client.

The objectives of the promoting plan are established with the customers, because their needs and demands represent the center of Promos Agency activity. Our entire work is followed by a total transparency and that’s why we constantly analyze, make planifications and implement new things, and the periodic reports are the summary of the activities and the obtained results.