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Online advertising represents and ideal way of making your business known in the online and for attracting and keeping your clients. Promos wants to become the best online promoting agency in United State – New York, an organization that offers the best price-quality report on on the national market of online advertising services.

Our mission is to implement high quality services and to become a long time partener in rising the number of clients. The most important values of our professional ativity are: efficinecy, professionalism, responsibility, invoation, trust and respect.

The skills of the team members are diverse in order to cover and adapt to the customer’s needs.Thus, the team had knlowledge in Google AdWords and SEO for generating the traffic (which can be payed); PR services online in order to start and mantain a dialog with the targeted public which is relevant for Promos activity and for proiecting and promoting the organization in the public eye.


The marketing strategy of a company had to include the communication with the clients through social media campaigns, and in our days, social networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on, are the targets of online advertising campaigns.Because the actions matter more than words, we always let the numbers speak because, in online advertisment, the numbers have their own voice, and the results of our work can be quantified.

We are a team made up of ambitious young people, with a positive and proactive attitude, focused on the results, always knowing the latest things in the field and always eager to face new challenges. Things change very fast in the online environment, so the flexibility and the creativity represent the elementary demands of a marketer, thus, the team supports the flexible way of thinking and the innovation.

Our goal is to implement marketing strategies suitet for the customers’ needs, because we want to satisfy everybody’s demands through the services we offer. Every online promotion service has a very focused analysis at the base, and a strict planification because only this way the succes is guaranteed. We know what are the best marketing strategy that work very well in your niche because we have experience in marketing and we want to make performance with all clients.

The online advertising services offers advantages like:

  • traffic increase
  • gaining the trust of the public
  • increasing the online sales
  • awarness
  • creates a position in the market

Our agency offers online services adapted to the needs of the customers, so every client can reach their objectives and can evolve in the financial on online identity plan.

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