SEO services

A site needs SEO services in order to be on the first page based on relevant key words fitted for that field of activity. Owning a presentation site or an online shop won’t make your business into a popular one is it has the same clients.

SEO services have a high rate of conversion because the user searches something when he has a need, for example “leather shoes for men”. The user can access the site and buy the product if the price, the products, the time of delivery and other aspects match what he’s looking for.

Search engine optimization

Promos team implements SEO services respects Google standards, in order to assure the increasing of your site on a long period of time. SEO optimization is a term which means the use of on page and off page technics, which have the purpose of placing your site on Google’s first page.


An optimized site, which has a good quality and matches the desires of the customers will be placed in the top of searches on certain key words for a certain domain of activity. An increased traffic brings with it more sales.

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We can help your business

Your company need an seo agency like us. We have expertize in seo services. We know how to increase your sales using growth hacking techniques.

We have colleagues in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Toronto, Melbourne and other cities. We are specialized in digital marketing services for e-commerce in fields like real estate, auto, apparel, cosmetics, tourism, health products and others.

We are an full service seo services agency and we can offer all that you need.

Search Engine Optimization is an investment that shows results after 5-6 months after starting the SEO optimization process of the site. Even if it’s necessary to wait some time for results, our team is proactive and checks daily the evolution of your business on Google and keeps working on its increasing.

Why you should choose SEO?

#1. First page on Google – Being in Top 10 on Google, you’ll attract traffic on a long period of time which will sustain your business.

#2. Traffic increase – A site without traffic can’t bring profit. It is important to bring users that are truly interested in what you offer on your site.

#3. Low costs – The prices for these services are acceptable, and after fulfilling the objectives you’ll pay only for the maintenance of the site.

#4. Sales – SEO helps you obtain more sales. With a higher exposure online comes with the increase of the income.


SEO services are important for the success of a business. We know that this represents only a part of the promoting process and we included in our offer the implementation of AdWords, Facebook Ads, Branding campaigns. We recommend to the customers to try other services of online promoting because in order to successfully promote your business you need at least two marketing networks. After a period of time we can tell which mix of marketing is indicated for you and we can advise you about the use of your budget.

Through SEO you can be sure your site won’t be penalized or won’t lose its position because is not properly optimized in the moment Google will impose new conditions for the web sites.



Local optimization

There are companies that want a local development, in certain areas or cities, for example New York, and for this kind of challenges our SEO specialists are at your disposal with services for local SEO optimization in order to attract the traffic only in the area where you have the business.

SEO includes services like obtaining backlinks, meta title optimization, description and others. In the same time, we offer you marketing content services which allows us to optimize your content in order to be read easier by the users and by Google. It’s important to offer information and to have sales. We are SEO experts in our field and we know how to rank an website or e-commerce shop.

There are sites that were penalized or will be penalized. This thing had negative implications and the recovery measures must be taken fast because Google pays attentions to the way we optimize our online presence and gradually proceeds to eliminate penalties.

The SEO optimization process contributes on the creation of the brand. When people identify the name of the company, the quality of the products, the logo and other elements thanks to Google, your business can develop. You can start new activities of creating new products or services and identify them as brands. In case you have a bad reputation online, we can help you through online management reputation.


We use efficient SEO strategies

#1. Audit –  This represents the base for a successful strategy. During this phase we will analyze the site and the competition. It’s necessary to identify the problems and create a SEO optimization plan.

#2. Changes on page – It’s essential to have a clean site on page, without SPAM technics to affect the rising of the site. We manage the optimization of the meta tags, structures, the speed, images, and so on.

#3. Content strategy – When we implement the SEO services we pay attention to the content you have and we optimize it in order to be useful for the search engines and the users.

#4. Link building –  A link building campaign has the purpose of attracting relevant links to your site. They have to follow a normal couse.

#5. Reports – The analysis of Google position are monthly reports in order to have a clear image about the performances of the implemented services.


How do you know that our agency works for you?

With a simple Google search after some time you will observe the progress. In the moment when you’ll receive more phone calls, e-mails or you have a large number of demands, that means your site starts to be successful and SEO services show their work on it.

SEO wants to optimize the site for the searching engines and the users, which have to find all the information they need with just a few clicks, and that’s why we care about the experience of the users. We have experts that can rank your business in top of Google. Contact us today!

SEO optimization of the site represents a long time investment. Every client is treated carefully because we want them to success and have a long successful collaboration.

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