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Promos is an online promotion agency that wants to satisfy the needs of the customers. We are a team made up of young, creative people, with experience and imagination, and perfectionating our work is our permanent objective.

Over the years we learned that in order to succeed we have to treat our activity with professionalism, passion and client orientation, because a successful strategy can’t be created without the collaboration between both sides.

The online promoting strategies include:

  • Creating a site (web design)
  • SEO optimization
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Facebook Ads campaigns
  • Branding

Our entire activity has a total transparency so you can know in every moment what we’re doing for your business.

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We’re dedicated 100% in what we’re doing, and we treat our work with seriousness because we want our customers to be pleased with the results, and we want to be content with our work as well.

Any company that desires to increase and develop their economy in the near future should use at least two of the services mentioned above in order to have results from the online promotion.

We give 100% in what we do, and the creativity, the ideas, the knowledge, the solutions and the information we offer represent the advantage you will have in front of you opponents.

Take risks and make smart investments! The results will definitely appear.

The online promoting services offered by us come with a good price because they’ve been adapted for satisfying the wishes of the clients no matter the domain of activity.

The prices for promoting are established, starting from the point where your business is and the services you need in order to attract more people on your site, and, finally, to increase the conversion rate.

The packs we offer include SEO services, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns which generate traffic (both paid and unpaid) and the prices varies between 105 and 245 euros. Thus, with the help of our services, a company can consolidate all three types of media (own media, earned media and paid media) and the activity in the online will be more stable.

The budget offered for a Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or SEO campaigns is low and helps your business to rise the number of cutomers. The 240 million of users represent the possible clients for your services or products. The online promotion gives you a ROI (Return of Investment) higher that the offline promotion, this aspect being proved by the statistics.

Your business is a click away from profit. Choose the best online promoting plan for your business.

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