Visual identity

The evolution made the companies to face new challenges and to pay attention to aspects like the brand, the visual identity and the logo. These things are very important for the image of the company and the way the clients see it.

The logo is not your brand nor the identity of your company. The logo, the brand and the visual identity have three different roles, that together create a image of the business or of the products.

A major role in creating a brand or a corporative image for a company is represented by the visual identity.

In most cases, the visual identity is based on visual elements that are used in your company, concentrated in a guide. The guidehas the role of establishing the manner in which the identity is used in different environments, using color palletes, measurements, similar schemes and fonts. These rules are for keeping a coherent identity of the company, which allows the perception of the brand as a whole that can be easily recognized.

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The visual identity of a company is made up of more visual elements:

  • the logo (the symbol of the brand and of the visual identity)
  • office supplies (business cards, envelopes etc)
  • marketing (flyers, brochures, books, websites etc)
  • products and packing (the products and the packs in which they are sold)
  • dress code (corporate clothing items that are worn by the employees)
  • light commercials
  • messages and actions ( messages sent through indirect or direct methods of communication)
  • other methods of communication (aural, olfactory, tactile)
  • anything that is visual and represents the company

The elements that make up the visual identity must refer to the company. The role of the visual identity is to offer in an indirect way hints about the credibility of the company and to establish a positive bond with the customer. If you want we can make logo, design, banners and others.

The manner in which the visual identity elements are created and the result obtained will influence many clients. They will be attracted by this elements, adopting or rejecting them. For a better understanding, think about a popular company and you’ll realize that it’s present in your life under different forms (books, pens or other products).