Local SEO

Local SEO represents a method to promote your business online and it refers to the optimization tactics and promotion for the businesses that want to increase their local traffic in a certain region or a certain city.

Local SEO means site optimization, especially for the landing pages on Google Plus. In case your shop has more locations, is indicated to have a different landing page for each one of them and if we’re talking about one location, the homepage becomes the landing page. To have a high rank it is necessary that some elements are optimized on the location and on the service page.

These are: the presence of the city name in the title tag, in h1, in urls, in the content, in the alts of the images, in metadescriptions; the inclusion of the Google Map code, the utilisation of key terms besides the business name on the title page.

Local SEO advertising

The NAP data (name, adress, phone number) are introduced on the site, but they can be transmitted in other domains as well. It is essential that this informations are corectly posted. Also, it is indicated that the postal code is introduced, a telephone number which has the code of the region and a phisical adress. If all of the elements represented above are corectly introduced, the customer’s confusion is eliminated and even the techincal differences which slows Google’s ability of trusting the information gathered from the online, when it tried to identifyor rank a certain business.

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To continue the consolidation process of the promotion and the authority of your business, you have to look for sources where this datas can be published.This informations are very important, as well as the quantity and the quality of the sites where they are published. A very good place to start could be represented by the page accounts on social media : Bing Maps, Yahoo! Local, Google plus.

Local SEO services (Local Search Engine Optimization) puts the site on the first page when searched for in a certain location. Over 80% of the websites are optimized to have a first page position on national level, but if your clients are located on a distance of 30 kilometres, what’s the most efficient method of promovation?

The campaigns are very useful for the businesses which have their customers close, Google choosing to show the optimized sites in the local area.

If you have a restaurant, a shop or you offer services in a city, you need Local SEO for your website because you can appear in the top of the local searches, and the chances that someone that visited your webside to actually visit your shop in a few hours are very high.

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