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How you can start FREE TRIAL?

You just complete the contact form with telling details about your business and after that we will contact you to start your your free trial.

We will contact you for more details.
free trial
no credit card free trial


How you can start FREE TRIAL?

You just complete the contact form with telling details about your business and after that we will contact you to start your your free trial.

How does 7 days trial work?

You give us acces to your Facebook Ads account or Google Ads account and we start to make campaigns, banners, remarketing and others.

What is the objective of our work?

To boost your sales in 7 days using our +6 years knowledge in digital marketing services.

What if I want to extend my trial?
You just communicate us to

Start your FREE trial

7 days FREE trial for Facebook Ads and Google Ads

We will contact you for more details.
free trial digital marketing

Important informations

  • Services that we provided is 100% FREE, no credit card required;
  • The trial include set up campaigns, create banners, remarketing and others for one marketing platform: Facebook Ads or Google Ads;
  • Campaigns set up are made on your account.
  • We are certified in Google Ads, Google Anlytics, Facebook Ads and Hubspot.
  • PPC services are free 7 days, after that we can continue to collaborate if you are happy with the results generated.

Start your FREE trial

7 days FREE trial for Facebook Ads and Google Ads

We will contact you for more details.


“For my start-up, this free trial has demonstrated to me the power of digital marketing on my business. We’ve been working with Promos for over 2 years and the free trial was the moment when they got our trust by obtain results in a short time.”

“Our company wanted more sales through online channels. We tried to use Google Ads to increse our sales and did not worked, but with their help we know now that Google Ads can bring us a positive ROI.¬†”
Maria, Marketing Asistent GREEN HOUSES

“A few months ago I was close to the point of bankruptcy because I had invested a lot of money in digital marketing. In 7 days they helped me rethink my strategy and managed for every $1 spent to generate another $3.”


We are mentioned in…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with an agency for free before collaborating?

Promos is the agency that offers you 7 days free advertising services.

You can request Google Ads Free Trial or Facebook Ads Free Trail by filling in a single form that can represent the growth of your business from the level of Start-up to the level of the dominant company.


Is this free trial advertising real?

Yes, everything is as real as possible. We set out to work for companies before choosing us.


Why do we do this?

We want to offer a small sample of what we do by creating free ads during the trial period. Although we will waste quite a lot of time running campaigns and getting results in a short time, all the effort will be worth it.

We consider it worthwhile because over 80% of the companies that chose to test online advertising free trial offered by our team, stayed with us and further.

The companies stayed with us because we managed to show that it is possible and they offered us the chance to collaborate for a long time, a period in which we did not disappoint, and the campaigns became much better.


Why do we encourage you to work with an online advertising agency for a trial period?

  1. We work for free to promote you for 7 days
  2. The required budget is extremely small ($ 100), which is used to promote your business
  3. Receive ideas and recommendations from us in order to grow and develop your business
  4. We generate results that can convince you to continue collaborating
  5. Don’t lose anything


What free trial to choose for your business?

It may seem like a difficult decision, but we help each person decide which free traial to choose. With years of experience behind us, we can tell you for sure which channel is right for your business.

For example, for online stores the decision can be complicated, but the niche can determine which marketing channel is right. For clothing stores we will always recommend Facebook Ads free trial as well as future advertising services focused on Facebook Ads.

If it is an online store with car parts, Google Ads Free Trial is the channel we will recommend. It is important to understand that depending on the niche you are working on, you offer either a solution to a need or a desire.

Businesses focused on generating desires (clothing stores, travel agencies, beauty treatments, etc.) should always focus on promoting Facebook Ads, because it is currently the most important promotion channel for this type of business. hate. Google is not a channel to be avoided either, but Facebook remains the right channel.

Companies providing services and online stores that offer products that people need (car parts, furniture, garden tools, etc.) meet a need of users. With the help of Google Ads we can target our needs, and this makes this promotion channel so useful.


What Are The Steps To Starting A Free Trial For Your Business?

  1. Fill in the form showing your interest in the free trial we offer.
  2. We will answer you by email when we receive your request and we will ask you some questions such as:

– What is the site you want to promote?

– Do you have a Google Ads / Facebook Ads Manager account?

Depending on your answer, we will ask you to access an existing account, which would simplify the start of the campaigns or we will create new ones for you in the account, in which you will have access to put the billing data and to place the card from which they are. withdraw the $ 100.

– What services / products do you want to promote?

– Do you track conversions on the site using Analytics?

– Can you give us access to Analytics? And other questions that may vary depending on the business to be promoted.

  1. We will start conducting campaigns after the organizational things have been set up
  2. We will start the campaigns and optimize them for 7 days to get results with the budget provided.
  3. At the end of the 7 days you will receive a detailed report with the results of the campaigns.

Things are simple and we invite you to write to us at any time for more details or to start the collaboration.