Remarketing offers you the possibility of sharing your announces to the people that visited your site or to the people used your mobile application. After having your firts contact with your site, you can interact with the users by showing them relevant ads on different devices depending on the interest they have in your previous site.

Dynamic remarketing

For example, you own a travel agency and you want to start a remarketing campaign that has as target all the users that have shown interest in spending the holidays in Italy. In the remarketing campaigns you will use banners in order to inform them that until a certain date the trips to Italy start from 50 euro or they have a discount etc.

Remarketing represents a strategic element of promoting any company, no matter of its goals ( stimulating the sales, increasing the number of registrations or increasing the popularity of the brand). If you look for a remarketing agency we are your best choice.

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Remarketing advantages:

  • having access to users when the possibility of buying is the highest
  • customized lists depending on the advertising objectives
  • expanded coverage on all the devices accessed by the users
  • the efficient establishment of the prices (by using automatic bidding strategies such as CPA or ROAS, you can have remarketing campaigns that have amazing results)
  • an easier way to create announces- AdWords and Facebook offer you the possibility of creating more text ads, images or videos in the Announces Gallery for free
  • information about your own campaign – the generated reports will give you information about the performance of the campaign and about the specific indicators ( CTR, views, clicks, costs etc)
  • Ads shared at the right time – remarketing campaigns will share the ads to the previous visitors who are actively looking for your business using a search engine

Nowadays there are many companies that are struggling with bringing new customers, forgetting about the old ones that have already bought their products. The conversion rate of the remarketing campaigns is at least 2 times higher because, based on the experience they had, they decide to use again your services/products.

Not paying attention to the users that have already converted represents a huge loss to your business. Implement remarketing and online promoting campaigns in order to increase the ROI (Return of Investment).

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