Snapchat marketing

Have you ever advertise on Snapchat?

Well, I guess the time has come to include the digital marketing strategy in the Snapchat campaigns. Snapchat represents a starting place for many businesses by being one of the most dynamic platforms on which the users can interact a lot.

Why to advertise yourself on Snapchat?

  • Snapchat is the social network that has a high engagement degree
  • 188 million people are active daily on average globally
  • 25x is the average number per day of opening the application
  • 30+ minutes are spent on average in the application daily by the users
  • 60% snapchatters are active and send posts daily


Why to work with a Spanchat agency?

– Contributes to awareness raising;

– Increases the consideration and attention that users give to your business;

– Leads to a quick action (getting leads or conversions);

– Allows targeting a very specific audience through creative ways;

– Accelerates company development;

– Generates results quickly.

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We can help your business

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Types of Snapchat Ads:

– Snap Ads

A Snap Ad is a clip of up to 10 seconds that contains the option to offer more to the users who give a swipe up of the ad. Additional information can be made of longer clips or items.

– Sponsored lenses

From puppy ears to rainbow, lenses are largely the reason why Snapchat is so fun. 35% of Snapchat users use lenses daily. Sponsored lenses appear in parallel with all the others in the menu, making it easier for users to exchange lenses, pose and post.

– Sponsored geofilters

A geofilter is a graphic overlay that a Snapchatter can place on its snaps. As its name suggests, the geofilter is usually linked to a particular geographic location, from an individual store to a whole country.

On average, Snapchatters visualize 1 billion filters each day, and a sponsored national geofilter typically reaches 40-60% of Snapchatters in the United States.

  • Snap to Unlock

This type of Snachat ad uses snapcodes on physical materials, such as billboards, receipts and even cups of coffee, to attract users to interact with brands by accessing the “secret” functions within the app.  If you photograph the snapcode or you scan it with the application, you unlock a geofilter or an objective for a set period of time.

As you can see, Snapchat is a platform that provides you with new ways to promote you. Creativity is the limit of these ads. If you look for an Snapchat advertising agency why can help you.

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