Google Ads Campaigns

In the above print screen, you can see our team’s results for an online store that sells clothing items for children.

Between May 1-30, 2019, we ran more campaigns than those in the picture. With this amount invested, we were able to get 2,294 conversions totaling $ 323,640 revenue, wit a total cost of $ 13,820.

The average cost per conversion was $ 5.78. The account is senior and has been optimized for a long time, so the moderate < healthy>conversion rate is 4.58%.

Since the beginning of our collaboration with us, this customer enjoys extremely good results and has always been able to be effective. Every campaign manages to generate conversions at meager costs, which allows us to try to attract new customers.

We are certified!

google ads ceritifed

Do you want to work with us?

7 reasons to work with Promos Google Ads Agency

  1. Increased sales

Google Ads increases sales because it responds to a rational immediate need, for example the people who search “leather shoes for man” will find the products easier. We can offer complex campaigns of Search, Display, DSA, Remarketing, Gmail Ads and Youtube Ads.

  1. More visits

From the first days of implementation, the number of visits to your site will visibly increase. The accesses will be closely watched so the investments will be used only in the people interested in the products or the services you offer.

3. Popularity

By positioning on the first page of your site, the number of your possible clients will grow, and your brand will be where it matters. Also, we implement brand protection because we know how important it is to protect your business.


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We can help your business

Your company need a google ads agency like us. We have expertise in google ads campaigns. We know how to increase your sales using growth hacking techniques.

We have colleagues in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Toronto, Melbourne and other cities. We are specialized in digital marketing services for e-commerce in fields like real estate, auto, apparel, cosmetics, tourism, health products, and others.

We are an full service google ads agency and we can offer all that you need.


  1. Measurable results

Google Ads brings at your disposal lots of data and statistics about the performance of your campaign. At the end of each month, you will receive a report and new ideas for your business. Our team is made up of specialists certified by Google Ads.

  1. Rapidity

You can see the leads and the sales of the campaign very fast, even if you’re contacted or register a sale in your online store.

  1. Controlled budget

You decide how much to invest. We optimize the campaigns accords to you available budget so we can obtain a large number of conversations at a low cost.

  1. Remarketing

Keeps in touch with the customers that have visited your site, creating various targets depending on the action they on the site. It’s essential to create remarketing campaigns to remember the users about your website.

Setting the objectives and creating a strategy to advertise Google Ads represents the first step in collaborating with the site’s owners, following that, based on the monthly report budget on our disposal to estimate the results we want to obtain and if the budget is enough for what we want to do. The following steps are represented by an analysis of the products, market, and campaign set-up. An important aspect of Promos’ team is that they optimize the campaign quickly in order to obtain conversions at low prices.

Google Ads represents one of the fastest and most efficient methods of digital marketing. This platform will provide you more types of campaigns which can be implemented depending on the field of activity, and the most important ones are:

    • Search campaigns which deliver to the customers relevant announcements when they search for something close to what you offer.
    • Display campaigns which selects the users depending on what they’re interested and delivers banners to them.
    • Remarketing campaigns which target the persons that have been on the site and/or had any activity on your site.
    • Dynamic campaigns which are perfect for online shops.

The collaboration with a Google Ads or PPC Agency offers you the possibility of working with the best specialists in the field.


What can you obtain from the AdWords campaigns?

         Fast results

  1. We can create Google AdWords campaigns in less than 24 hours after you singned the contract.
  2. Your announces will be the first results from Google.
  • Your services/products will be visible when the customers needs them.
  1. We adapt to the requests and we create from search campaigns to youtube promotion


  1. We focus on results
  2. We can rise your sales, the number of your clients and your profit
  • You can administrate your business while we take care of your account
  1. We give you monthly reports


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We mannage everything!

Setting KPI’s – Creating and AdWords account – Key words research – Campaign texts – Banners – Quality Score Optimization – User Experience Optimization – Monthly reports. We can creat search, display, remarketing or dynamic ad campaigns at a low price. Find how we can grow your business in online through PPC. Contact us today!


The promotion with the help of Google AdWords is important on the one hand for the set-up, and on the other hand for a business with experience in the domain. The efficiency of Google Ads commercials is closely tied with the optimization of the PPC campaign, the budget, and the experience of the agency you work with.

The successful campaigns are those that are permanently optimized by the qualified staff in order to have maximum results with the offered budget.

Don’t let the money you invest in waste. Choose to work with professionals.


Results in the first 24 hours


The campaigns paid by Google Ads offer the advantage of obtaining results in the first 24 hours.

From the moment your campaigns start running, they will get impressions, clicks and even conversions.

Optimizing your conversion cost takes time. With the help of the data obtained by the campaigns, we will optimize the ads, extensions, keywords, audiences, location, and obtain the best possible conversion rate.

Google Ads is at the top of the promotion channels due to the speed with which it obtains results.


How much does the services of a professional Google Ads agency cost?


Google Ads is a PPC (Pay Per Click) platform. Each person who clicks on your ad will incur a cost.

You must allocate a budget for these campaigns.

Any company that has a promotion budget of at least $ 500 per month can use our services.

The price for our services will be $ 200 for budget management.

The budget you want to announce in the promotion campaigns will also influence the price of our services.


Google Ads Professional Campaigns

Google Ads is an increasingly complex platform, and the targeting options are more and more varied, and understanding how they work makes a difference.

Over 85% of the accounts that our team took over had incorrectly set campaigns that generated results at high costs. After just one month, the conversion rate of Google Ads campaigns has doubled, and the conversion cost has dropped dramatically.

Even if you think everything is perfect, keep in mind that it can always be even better, and we are a team focused on getting the most out of Google Ads campaigns.

The difference between what you do and how we work is the experience. We manage hundreds of Google Ads accounts and different areas of activity every day and we understand how the Google algorithm works and how the results can be improved.

Experience speaks for itself because we know how to target only those words that are relevant to your business, and with our support by improving campaigns, determining potential, and through recommendations, you will grow your business.


Improving results through Google Ads

Our specialists have experience in online business development, and case studies will show you how a long-term collaboration, accompanied by correct management decisions leads to accelerated growth.

What does a collaboration with us entail, and how can you observe the improvement of the results?


After the end of the collaboration we will start the work, and the stages are the following:

  1. We will check if the conversions / leads are measured correctly
  2. We will implement the tracking codes
  3. We will analyze the competitors
  4. Past campaigns
  5. We will analyze the activity of your business
  6. We will establish the marketing strategy
  7. We will start creating campaigns
  8. We will monitor and optimize campaigns daily.


The key indicators we emphasize are:

– Conversions;

– Cost / conversion

– Conversion rate

– Value conversion


By analyzing these indicators, you will be able to realize how the marketing budget is invested and the results we generate.


Dedicated Google Ads Specialist

Each client in our portfolio will have a dedicated Google Ads Specialist who will handle the promotion account.

The designated person will take care of the campaigns’ growth and development and will constantly analyze the campaigns and opportunities in the market, offering you recommendations.

The experience that our specialists have in the field will make a significant difference in the online development process of your business.


Know-how makes the difference

One thing that many business people don’t take into account is know-how. The knowledge that our team members make a difference from the knowledge that you or any other employee has.

With the help of our knowledge, our experience has generated:

– CTR increase by up to 300%;

– CPC reduction of up to 70%;

– Increase the conversion rate by up to 250%;

– Cost/conversion discount of up to 80%

– ROAS generation of 800% on average


The goal of Google Ads campaigns

The possibilities that Google Ads offer, allow the realization of campaigns that have as objective:

– Sales

– Leads

– Website traffic

– Product and brand consideration

– Brand awareness and reach

– App promotion

– Local store visits and promotion

Regardless of the type of business, Google Ads can certainly generate results that bring you closer to your goals.


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