B2B Facebook Ads – Best Guide to Get Company Clients

Whether you want to sell an e-book, provide services or own an app, you can use Facebook Ads to expose your products or services to other businesses.


Lead them to your website and offer them something free

If the approach for the B2C is to give them a sample of your product to try it before to buy it, in this case you should do the same for B2B.  When you create the ads for your business, the objective should be leading the businesses to your website. There you can provide them a free sample of your e-book or free trial for your app to convince them to buy “the premium version”.

On your website or on your app, the user experience matters and try to add lots of free features to catch their interest in your product. Try to get their email addresses before you start giving them the free sample to get their database. This will help you in the future to create your email marketing campaigns.


Give them the solution before they notice the problem

If your audience is other businesses, try to set some problems that your audience may meet in the close future. Think ahead of them and handle the solution before they even think about they needed. It will force them to think about it and get over there too.

For example, people hates to stay at queue to fill the paperwork for loans or someone owns a website that has problems with their landing page. Well this is what your business should do for them, give them an app to access a loan without staying at the queue or fix landing pages. If your business is a solution provider, you’ll be a necessary option for other brands.


Use Facebook Pixel – Measure & Remarketing campaigns

Facebook Pixel is a great tool for your business to business marketing to measure your performance and track the conversions. Through it you can optimize your ads, customize them and deliver yourself to the right audience that is likely to take action. You will have more chances to address to the right business that needs your services and you’ll remain good option for those who already worked with you.


We are the solution to your problem

As a business that provides digital marketing services, we are here to help you and offer you the solution to your problem (see, we do it too).

Facebook Ads is a great tool to start with and we can assure you that you’ll obtain results from there. The budget you invest here won’t be big at first and the cost per click is lower, but if the campaigns are set right, they will drive high-quality clicks that produce value for your business. As a result, Facebook ads are often a much more profitable way to market your business than other advertising channel.

Your performance takes time and you have to be patient. We worked with businesses from different fields, so our experience is a great tool that we use when we collaborate with new businesses. Try with us for a week for free and see what happens.

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