Best subject lines for emails

Best subject lines for emails

We receive dozens of emails every day, and most of these we choose to open only a few. Have you ever wondered why? Well, not the title of an email has the ability to cause a person to click.

Ideas for subject lines email

Regardless of the company’s objectives, these are the essential elements that an email should have:

– The title has to express an urgent “act now!”;

– A title needs to grow up with curiosity “You will benefit from opening this email.”

– Highlights an unremitting offer “Take advantage of 50% discounts available only today!”;

– Personalize emails titles according to personality typology;

– Creates the title for emails relevant to its content;

– Uses the brand in the title, if it is known.

Examples of emails subjects

How to write an addictive email title?

  1. Create the short and cute title;
  2. Send the email from a person representing the company;
  3. Avoid the ‘no-reply’ sender name. Nobody loves to talk with robots;
  4. Segments the list to create tailored titles;
  5. Do not offer false promises;
  6. Do not provide information about what the email contains;
  7. Send at the right time;
  8. Uses an explicit language;
  9. Start with action-oriented verbs;
  10. Make people feel special;
  11. Use numbers in titles;
  12. Ask questions;
  13. Do not use caps lock in excess;
  14. Create titles easy to understand;
  15. A / B test your subject lines.

These are the most important things and tips to keep in mind when choosing to create titles for an email.

Do not forget to test until you find out what works best for your target audience.

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