Complete Guide SEO from Beginers to Experts

Complete Guide SEO from Beginers to Experts

What is SEO and why is it so important?

SEO is the optimization of a site in order to rank in search engines. The more efficient SEO is, the better it will rank a site in user searches.

SEO is important because it generates traffic for which you pay. It is natural traffic, and users enter because the site you are optimizing responds best to its search.


Should I invest in SEO?

Clearly yes. Creating a site does not help get traffic to the site. When it is created, it is not visible and there is little chance of it selling.


How do you start optimizing your site?

  1. Install YOAST SEO Plugin. It will help you a lot in optimizing the pages in the site as well as the content.
  2. Browse the guide provided by this plugin
  3. Create an account in the Google Search Console
  4. Start taking each page of the site and optimize it according to the recommendations offered by this plugin
  5. Optimize the pages according to their content and create pages with content that promotes your activity.
  6. Create a list of keywords that you want to rank
  7. Create content that contains these keywords
  8. Make sure the site is optimized On-page (title tag, meta descriptions, body content, alt attributes, url structure, schema 7 markup.
  9. Link building
  10. Measure, test and modify to rank higher in Google

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