Facebook Ads for your real estate business

Develop your real estate business with Facebook’s help

Why Facebook? Well, as you may noticed, real estate agencies use this platform more often than the others, just because the users are more likely to interact with this kind of service there than on any other social network.

If you tried before to create campaigns on Facebook, you should have knew by now that the objectives are the first main thing you should start with. If you set your goals as business when you first started it, now you should bring them in your campaigns too.

Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Well, your ads should use traffic objective to attract more people to visit your site. How about getting more calls and requests for a house? Then you should set your objective as web conversions or lead ads.

The process of finding a home to rent or buy is getting more and more accessible and easier for young adults that use their mobile phone and social networks often than adults that prefer to find it through a google search. A great solution for your real estate business is to offer a better user experience for your customers.


Great example of a potential customer

Let’s say a 40 years old man checks his feed on Facebook, while he waits for his bus to go home. On his feed appears an ad from a real estate agency, that shows a beautiful apartment in the center of the town at a low price, and it’s available! Well, in that moment the man checks the apartment without thinking that he actually wants an offer like that. He gets home and starts talking about his day with his wife, until he tells her about that beautiful apartment he saw on Facebook. The next days, more ads from the same agency appear on the man’s feed. This time he goes on the website and checks the other apartments with the purpose to actually buy an apartment.

What’s the conclusion here? A single ad can get the attention of the right person. Who is the right person? Well this is what happens behind your ads, your audience is analyzed by you before creating the ads. You should consider what kind of customers you usually have, what age ranges are most likely to buy, the location that you should target, where they work – to see if they have a budget to buy a new house and details like that.


What tools you should use

Facebook Pixel is a perfect tool for your real estate ads, because you can have access to people that already showed interest in your business. This is what I talked before, the information about the right people you want on your website will be provided by Facebook Pixel to help you target better your ads.

You can include in your ads details like number of rooms, the neighborhood, the address for your houses and apartments you’re trying to sale. Also, you should first create your Facebook catalog to be able to associate your catalog with different types of ads and sales channels to show users articles. Channels include Facebook and Instagram Stores, dynamic ads and more.

For your real estate ads, we recommend using carousel ads to show multiple proprieties or you should try to make a video to bring that house you’re selling to life. People will be more likely to watch your video and interact with it. Also, you will deliver a great visual perspective of the house and the customers will feel more comfortable to see the house from their house, if this makes sense. A great experience for your customers will get you more sales, more calls and your goals will be defined right away. If you need help with all these steps, you should try working with a marketing agency that already have worked with lots of real estate agencies like you before.

We are here if you need help to get inside your customer’s mind!

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