Facebook Restaurant Ads

Facebook Ads for your restaurant business


A business like yours is not easy to handle, mostly in the online world. That’s why we are here to help you with some tips that your business can benefit from it. For everyone it matter the quality you deliver as a restaurant, from your place and where is located to the taste and how is presented on your social networks.


Why Facebook?

Facebook Ads works great for restaurants and it is shown that helps you to increase your number of orders and drives traffic to your website.

Most of the people use Facebook to search for new places to eat in their town, and if you target your restaurant on a specific location, your ad will definitely appear in front of customer’s eyes. Targeting by location is a great way to be discovered by visitors too, and you should take advantage of what’s around you to attract more visitors.

It’s a great way to be discovered like that and if your ads look delicious, well…The telephones will start ringing, the orders will get higher and you will be satisfied at the end of the month. If your restaurant delivers food at home, you can create your own app or you can partner with well-known food delivery companies that will makes your customers happier at home. It’s better to include coupons or free delivery once in a while to generate the appreciation of your customers.

Conversion campaigns will be beneficial for you to track your orders, but it takes some extra setup, because you will have to install the tracking pixels on your website in order to enable purchase tracking.

Discounts like “Buy one pizza and you get another free pizza with 2L of juice at your choice” will definitely attract people. This is why ads that lead them to your own app will be efficient for customers to benefit from your discounts and coupons.


Visual content matters…right?

How many times did you see a delicious burger that makes your stomach craves in the moment you see it. What about that big chocolate fudge cake that appears on your feed and makes you want to go with your friends to taste it?

Visual content in your ads matters because you’ll want to make people hungry just by looking at your ads. Your restaurant will be trusted that other people love to eat there and your food tastes as it looks.


Gather everyone with free events

As a way to make your local restaurant to be discovered, you should try to advertise a Facebook event, where you can offer free entry and free tasting of your main dishes. You can use the moment to capture your happy customers that try your product for the first time and post it on your social media to get more engagement. People will surely come to your event, because you offer samples of your product for free and the atmosphere will make them feeling at home.


How an advertising agency can help your brand to get more awareness and brings you new customers at your table?

Invite us! It’s no joke, this is the perfect way to learn what your business has to offer and talk about what kind of campaigns you will need to attract the best customers. We use tools and analytics that can measure your performance and set the best ways so that you grow your profits and be satisfied with your work.

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