Facebook T-Shirt Ads

Whether you sell your customized T-shirts or you personalize them at the customer’s choice, you should know that you should consider investing in promoting your T-shirts online to earn more money than a physical shop.


From small business to brand with Facebook Ads. How?

If you used to sell few T-shirts before, now you will find out how you can increase your sells and how customers will be more likely to buy your products than others.

You should also know that you can’t grow overnight and the process takes time, but the process matters the most. After you set your campaigns, the things won’t be done. It’s the analysis that matters, because you will optimize the ads depending on your results, the consumer reaction to your product and the lead traffic.

Your audience should be created carefully, because you want to be seen by the right people. The right people will be the loyal consumers that will return to you, if you implement remarketing campaigns.


Invest in quality materials for your T-shirts and visual content

When you present your product in online, you should notice that around you are big competitors that deliver higher quality products that look better. Branding is an important key for this kind of product, mostly because it anchors people visually.

Let the shirt speak for you. It’s important to focus on the visual content you deliver, so approach positive people to wear your T-shirts on the street or at home and take lots of pictures. The more comfortable they are, the more people will be interested in buying your products.

In the field of t-shirts, try to be in your ads like your buyers: casual. Be fun, be creative and give them the good vibe they deserve. Try to make your ads more catchy and fresh, use guerilla marketing to attract your young audience.


Give them promotional benefits

Set in your ads, promotional codes for the orders so they can benefit of discounts, or offer samples of free T-shirts at an event. You can partner with a well-known band that organizes an event. You can sponsor them by offering free T-shirts to wear at their concert. After that you can use that in your advertisements.

Also, you can collaborate with influencers that will be likely to promote your products. Again, use that in your ads and when a user will scroll on his feed, the chances to stop at your ad to see that familiar face will be higher than before. Who knows, maybe the fact that his favorite influencer wear your T-shirt will make him buy the same T-shirt too. Win-win!


How can a digital marketing agency like ours can help you with the business?

These ideas we gave you are good, but the truth is we have more for you. We can help you to achieve your goals for this year and manage the whole marketing management with the campaigns on Facebook.

If you have more requirements for your business feel free to ask us, because we are not afraid of challenges. We can handle everything and your business matters!

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