Facebook text tool overlay for great ads

Facebook text tool overlay for great ads

A successful add is not easy to build, and their delivery conditions vary from one platform to another. Additionally, best-of-breed creative practices highlight the fact that images are the ones that best transmit a message, but by combining an effective image with expressive, carefully crafted text that encourages users to click, success is guaranteed.

In case of promotion on Facebook, ads used in promotional campaigns must contain very little text to be approved. Otherwise they will not run properly.

Facebook ad text checker


To optimize your banners, you can check each ad with Facebook text overlay.

For your ads to run effectively, after loading the image, the message displayed must be “image text rating: ok”. Any other display results will affect how ads run.

How to use Facebook overlay text?

  1. Load the banner you want to use in your advertising campaigns.


2. Select the banner you want to check


3. Check the status of the banner


Depending on the result you will know what you need to do. Facebook image checker is easy to use, just upload your ad or image and you will see if is OK or need improvement.

It often happens that the text in the banners created is much higher than the limit imposed by Facebook, and in this case you need to resize the text, reduce it or remove it from it so that the banner is in the Facebook standards and it runs properly . Facebook 20% checker is available for free for people who want to advertise with Facebook. Like Pareto principle with 20% of your ads, activities or clients are important and 80% are less important.

Facebool tool overlay is designed to help you work your way to making quality banners. Create text banners where the text is secondary. The product has to stand out and attract the user’s interest. Highlighting your product in a more efficient way will generate interest that will later materialize in sales.

Facebook shares the image categories as follows:
• OK• Low
• Medium
• High

The difference between OK and Low is significant, we tested our text ads on our ads and we achieved lower reach and cost per click of 10-15% using images with OK status below 20% text compared to LOW status. So this Facebook grid tool is useful for all people who are promoting their business.

Here is an example:

Respecting the rule of the three, it is recommended that the key elements be at the intersection points of the lines so that the visual impact is maximal. Keep this in mind, be creative and test multiple banners until you find the perfect format.

Use a Facebook grid tool to check your ads before you include them in campaigns. You can reduce your costs with a text ad of less than 20% up to 50%, so important for your business success.

Uses facebook rule 20/80 for safe results in campaigns. Add maximum 5-word text with a font size between 20 – 30 px, as long as it is visible and support the image and idea you want to transmit.

The Facebook grid tool helps you get better results in your ads right from the start. All you have to do is upload your ad and edit it in a photo editing program like Photoshop or why not Paint until it’s OK.

Also in Photoshop you can use a grid to confirm that your ad has text below 20%. Overlay text tool helps you prioritize your ad according to the graphics you do not text. It is said that an image does more than a thousand words, with a good image it is normal for it to have a great engagement. That’s why the overlay in the grid text is the second.

This rule also applies to Instagram Ads, the grid must follow the same rule: text overlay under 20%. Considering that Instagram is fast-paced, being a social network where h tags are useful in the promotion process, we recommend that you integrate this network into your marketing plan and respect this rule.

A Facebook text checker or an Insagram grid tool will help you set up campaigns that comply with Facebook rules. It’s important to note that if you have too much text in images, that is, text to image ratio is high, your ads may not work, being disapproved by Facebook. The syntax used is “Image text: High”.

Respecting this rule your ad will have maximum potential reach, the words being an overlay on the text but not occupying too much of the surface. Uses Unique Sale Proposition, USP for maximum results. At the same time, you can use words with high impact on CTR such as: FREE, GIFT, LIMITED OFFER, NEW, NOW and other words. An Facebook representedat saied: We are currently continuing to enforce our text overlay policy for images as stated in our Advertising Guidelines. Check more about Facebook policies.

Facebook believes that the 20% text rule is useful to the user because the user gets more information through advertisements.

It is important to note that the same rule applies to the image used as the cover for videos. First of all, it is necessary that the first image associated with the video be passed through the grid and be less than 20% text. Secondly, try to create an image that matches the images shown in the video. It also applies to carousel images, 600x600px, single image 1200x628px.

An ad that has little text can not be approved for reasons such as:
– You did not take into account the logo text, any text in the image will be taken into consideration.
– You did not consider watermarkers, although they are almost invisible, they can still be considered.
– You did not count the numbers, they’re text too.

Facebook is eliminating the 20% text rule for ad images, but does anything really change?


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