Find out how much money you can make from Youtube

Find out how much money you can make from Youtube

If you want to be a successful youtuber and wonder how good it is to win this job, then you have gotten it right. You can earn money from Youtube, from video ads, affiliations to sponsorships. The key is the number of views and subscribers your Youtube channel has. These are achieved by delivering quality and original content, the person who watches you wants to give him a good feeling, which is why you build your video content on online trends, or why not, you can create a trend in online.

By Youtube Ads you can make between $ 1 and $ 5 per 1000 views, depends on the time your user views, the time your video plays, the country of origin, etc. Reaching a famous Youtuber, you can get sponsorships from major companies. You become an influential in a certain field, and companies will want to associate with your image because you resonate with them and have a public audience that follows you.

At the same time, you can enter affiliate links to various products or services, or you can direct users to a personal website to make an action you want. This is the most advantageous method because you earn revenue directly from users. You can make premium content broadcast on your website or separate on the Youtube channel for those who are willing to pay. It is necessary to build a relationship with your users so that they become evangelists and speak further about you.

It’s important to note that it takes a lot of work to get you money from Youtube, but once you get to a good level of views, over 100,000, you can start enjoying the fruits of your work.

Can you earn a salary like as an Youtuber?


Of course, you can earn an average revenue if you are dedicated to your work and the fans watching you. For example, you can earn a good salary as follows:
– You have 1 million views 2 $ * 1000 views = $ 2000, only from views.
– You receive sponsorships from 3 companies, 1200 $ * 3 companies = 1200 $
– You deliver premium content, 50 premium subscribers * 50 $ = 2500 $
– Add links to affiliate products, 100 products sold, average order 50 $, affiliate percentage 5% => 250 $

Total: 5950 $

Having this data at your fingertips, it can be considered as a decent salary. It’s easy to make calculations; it’s hard to get the indicators you need to start getting conscious income, but you can.
We recommend using a computer to see how much money you can earn from Youtube and write your data in an excel or sheet to make a projection of revenue.

You must get used to terms specific to the Youtube channel indicator analysis, such as: views, watch time, CTR, engagement, user retention, etc. You also need to optimize these indicators from one month to the next, both by creating the content that you have the best engagement, but also by optimizing your Youtube channel with full descriptions, call-to-action titles, link video subscriptions and more.

How much does it cost to start your work by youtuber?

Costs start at 0, because you do not have the costs of buying a domain, hosting or creating a website. All you need is a decent room, you can already use the one on your phone and original ideas to create content that comes out of print and responds to needs.
Obviously, as you proceed in this process, it is recommended that you use professional camcorders, have employees to edit videos, pay salary from their earnings, have a studio, and more.


We recommend watching the most popular YouTube channels:

1. Pew Die Pie
– 65 million subscribers
– They create vlogs about meme and funny things. It also has sections like “Let’s play” in which it plays various games for which it can of course receive sponsorships.
If you’re wondering how much money Pew Die Pie or Felix Kjellberg is doing, as he calls Youtuber, it’s estimated at some $ 14 million a year. Extraordinary, right?

2. Hola Soy German
– 33.9 million subscribers.
– It creates various videos from games, parkour, comedy and more.
– If you’re wondering how much Hola Soy German or German Alejandro, a spaniel, is earning around 9 million dollars a year.

3. Smosh
– 30 million subscribers.
– They create videos about pop culture and video games.
– If you’re wondering how much money your YouTube Smosh or youtuberi channel Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox duo’s Smosh earn, they earn around $ 8 million a year.

Taking into account the best youtubers figures, we can say that youtuber can win very well.

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