Google URL builder codes – UTM codes for tracking sales

Google URL builder codes – UTM codes for tracking sales

For any professional or marketing agency it is very important to track conversions or pipelines using Google builder URL codes. These help us identify the sources of the chosen marketing channel and the Campaign. This way we will know that the campaign is more effective.

What are UTM codes?

This is a simple code that makes a custom URL in the database in Google Analytics to see the source of the orders. UTM tags are useful to identify the best marketing channels that work for your business. The URL codes comes from Uniform Resource Locator, which implies that it is a uniform way around the world by an on-site fileman. It specifies the URL address of a single file for each file.

Google URL codes provides the Urchin tracking module and is a best-practice marketing technique for tracking specific Google data. A professional in marketing gives time to use this tool because it is useful when it wants to show the results of the clients but also to optimize their campaigns efficiently.


URL codes for tracking sales

The first section is the website URL, in which it is necessary to move the landing page where you will send the traffic. If you are doing A / B testing, we recommend that you go through several separate landing pages so you know what the best landing page is.
If you want to track the results from Google, you need to add the “Google” campaign source, just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or another marketing channel.

In the campaign medium section, if you use pay per click advertising, you should add cpc, if you use banner advertising, banners are added. Google URL builder provides specific details to track conversions.
In the campaign name section, it’s best to add the campaign name, possibly its date, so you can easily identify it in Analytics. For these UTM codes, we recommend adding suggestive names.

The next section is campaign term, you can add keywords to help you identify different sets of ads.
The useful section is campaign content, here you can pass the website name or other details about the campaign. So you can easily identify the UTM Campaign. Google link builder codes are seen in Google Analytics in Aquisition -> Source / Medium.

Below is an example of a UTM code

Google campaign URL builder is useful for any marketing campaign you make. This website is easy to use. You also have an add-on option for Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox, Opera and Internet Explore through which you can create utm fast tracking codes.

Using an utm builder you can be priced in your marketing campaigns. This is a builder that can easily track advertising channels. Google URL Builder also helps us track ecommerce orders as it highlights no. To them, their value, conversion rate, and other available metrics in Google Analytics Enhaced. This is an useful url tracking generatior for marketers. Also you can creat your one utm builder by using PHP codes.

Google provides us with these easy-to-use builder urls to track the results. The user can enter many channels until they convert and then it’s good to know which sources he used. For example, we can have a Google Builder URL set up in Google Display Ads campaigns, having the first click on the user’s website and we can have a facebook utm builder on a retargeting campaign and convert it from this channel. So we will have this data in Analytics and we will know that two sources were involved before the sale was made.

These utm codes can be used for Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. So they are universal. We can also find conversions from offline activities by putting specific tags in links like TV, radio, newspapers and more. You can use these UTM codes as you need them.

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