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What is guest blogging?

I don’t know how many times did you hear this specific term, but let’s clarify what guest blogging is in a few words.  Well, guest blogging is the act of writing about similar content that you usually provide, on other websites. Some of the hosts of their own website let other writers to publish their content in order to bring fresh content to their website.

Sometimes it’s efficient for the website to have multiple authors and it has a lot of benefits for the website such as improving your brand awareness, your audience and getting more partnerships.

Many websites have guest blogging articles, because it’s difficult to not enter in a routine with your posts and a new writer could help the readers to find more perspectives about a subject and more fresh content. Aspiring to be a guest blogger is a challenge, mostly if you want to adopt this strategy to grow your brand.


How can I start guest blogging?

The entire area of websites can offer you lots of guest blogging opportunities. The best way to find your niche is to make a deep research and see what is the type of blog you should write for.

Check other blogs, see what’s their style, what they write about and if the owner lets you write on their website. You can also search on Google the field that you are looking for to write and next to this put the keywords “guest blogging”. That’s a easy way to find websites, where you can write, but don’t expect to be paid from the start.

After you find the owner, check if they have an email to ask them the details and the steps you should do to collaborate with them. You should provide an portfolio with articles in the field you want to write to gain trust and close the partnership with the owner of the website.

As you start writing, try to deliver a content that helps people and educate them, not forcing them to buy. They came on the blog to read a high-quality article, not to be convinced to buy your product. You can sell too, there but in a different way.


How the article should look?

  • Your articles should be longer than 1000 words.
  • Keep sentences short and limit your paragraphs to 2-3 sentences.
  • Add plenty of sub headers.
  • Add bullet points and block quotes.

Try to write in a style that would attract the audience of that website. If the audience is for young people, your content should be fresh too, but if you audience are people that works or are interested in a field like chemistry, your content should show expertize of that subject from your point of view. You can link to your publications and your studies that you’ve made or other publications that are relevant to the field.


Add images. It’s important to add relevant images inside of the article to help the readers to visualize better the content you deliver. If you want to add illustrations or graphic images try to add the source if you use from others or put your own art there (be careful, they should have high resolution).


What are guest blogging services? Where you can find them?

If you want help with guest blogging, we are here to provide the information you need and much more. We offer a complete guide of guest blogging and free consulting.

We can help you with SEO optimization of your website or your articles, create the website for hosting other writers and many more services that it can helps your brand to be recognized and seen by the right audience!

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