Guide Business Card Template New Design and Dimmensions

Guide Business Card Template New Design and Dimmensions

What are business cards?

Business cards are an extremely effective marketing tool. These have the role of representing your company and providing information about it when a person receives it.

In essence, they are rectangular pieces, made of different materials such as matte cardboard, gloss, plastic, plexiglass or any other material on which the identification data of your company are written.


What do business cards contain?

– The Company’s name

– Logo

– Phone number

– Email

– Site

– Social network accounts

– Address

– The name of the person

– Position

– Slogan etc.

It depends on each company that wants to go on the business card.


Why are they useful?

– I transmit information very easily

– They are an element of visual identity and branding

– Create a pleasant impression

– Differentiate yourself

– It can move extremely easily

– Facilitates the realization of collaborations



How do I create a business card?

Our team can help you create a personalized design for your business card.

To get a business card design you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Select a template or choose to create a template from scratch
  2. Fill in the fields with the information you want to be found on the business card
  3. Provide us with an email address to send you the design
  4. Confirm the chosen template
  5. Made payment for our services
  6. Receive the high resolution business card template


The advantages of a custom design

– Differentiate yourself with the help of this element of visual identity

– Make your mark on it

– Represents the company faithfully

– Special design


Business card templates examples


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