Guide from Startup to a Big Business

Guide from Startup to a Big Business

Ever since we were children, we have dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs, but things are not as simple as we thought at the age of 5-6.

At the age when we can make decisions, we look for answers on how to create an online start-up.


How do you know you can create an online startup?

  1. You have knowledge that can turn into services for which other people / companies are willing to pay. (IT services)
  2. You have a physical ability that can generate money (mechanic, builder, etc.)
  3. Do you have a talent or do you know how to do something special (painting, music, sculpture, etc.)?
  4. Create products that can be sold online (handmade products)
  5. Give money to invest


If you are in one of the above categories you have all the chances to start a startup.


How do you make first customers?

  1. Create social media accounts to be visible;
  2. Post ads on profile sites
  3. Show evidence of your work
  4. Analyze the market
  5. Analyze the target audience
  6. Analyze the competitors
  7. Invest in a presentation site or online store
  8. Invest in promotion
  9. Promote yourself for free
  10. Create barters
  11. Create content to rank in Google
  12. Optimize your site
  13. Invest even more in promotion on the channels that work for your business
  14. Use email marketing
  15. Organize contests
  16. Create promotions and loyalty programs
  17. Create a brand
  18. Request reviews
  19. Increase the team as the work becomes more and more
  20. Think about the future and the opportunities for expansion


No matter how you want to start, think hard. Start step by step so you can fully understand how things are going. If you hurry you will go bankrupt investing large sums without getting results.

Services need people to provide them in a quality way and to gain customer appreciation. Be fair, professional and you will succeed. Work individually and as the number of customers increases, increase your team.


If you sell something, start with social networks, then create a site and depending on how the demand evolves, invest in stocks or other products.

Understand the mechanism of online stores, then accelerate the growth of your company.

Our team is at your disposal offering you complete online promotion services as well as business consulting.

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