How brands use Instagram to connect with users

How brands use Instagram to connect with users

Instagram is on the top of social networks, and the chances of it becoming number one in the coming years are extremely high.
There are many brands that do not use Instagram, which is wrong from our point of view, because users want to be that you are present everywhere and that you have consistency in your activity.

A brand must have an optimized Instagram account to provide interesting information for users.
Create a community and interact with the target audience through posts that allow users to express their opinion or generate feedback from them. An effective posting will be the perfect way to interact with them.

Create a hashtag
Create a hashtag to represent the brand. It is obvious that there are already many popular hashtags such as #love, #happy, #instagood or #photooftheday, but it is good to use a specific hashtag but appealing to attract users to use it.
Example: Infatuation is a small brand that created the #EEEEATS hashtag. This hashtag has been used in over 13 million postings of those who have taken pictures followed by #EEEEETS and the brand has about 735,000 fans.

Do not overdo the posts
It is very important not to overstate the posts. Our recommendation is to post a maximum of 3-4 images per day and do this in the maximum audience intervals.

Create specific content for people who are following you
They chose to track your account because the business name or content they saw at the beginning attracted them, which is why it is important to continue with quality content that keeps them up and keeps them from interacting more.

Interact with the audience
Do not just limit yourself to posting content. Create postings to ask for your opinion, to get answers about their needs and desires. This way you will be able to control things and improve your economic activity as well as online activity.

Advertise on Instagram
If Instagram is a person in the target group, then do not hesitate to promote yourself. Also, promote your instagram account and other networks to increase traffic on it.

Use Instagram on a professional level, and by going through these steps you will reach the point you want!

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