How I made $354,357 in 30 days with Facebook Ads – Study case

How I made $354,357 in 30 days with Facebook Ads – Study case

Here’s how we managed to get sales for an online women’s clothing store worth $354,357  in just 30 days, using a budget of $34,927.
Before doing the campaign set up, we analyzed the client’s products, product categories, age, product style, style, and so on. Based on this information we created persona buyer profiles.

In the last phase we analyzed the store and noticed that the online store has a 3-step order completion process, which is why we recommended the client to simplify the ordering process on a single page.

We have created campaigns on 3 types of clothes: casual dresses, skirts and shirts. In the first week, we’ve been looking to get relevant traffic, and in the next few weeks we’ve been focusing on getting sales using dynamic campaigns and conversions.
Facebook campaigns have been monitored and optimized daily, getting 2350 orders worth $354,357.

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