How I make $323,640 in 30 days from Google Ads – Study case

How I make $323,640 in 30 days from Google Ads – Study case

In the above printscreen you can see the results our team has earned for an online store selling children’s clothing items.

Between May 1-30, 2019, they ran more campaigns than those in the picture, totaling $ 13,820. With this amount invested, we were able to get 2,294 conversions totaling $ 323,640.

The average cost per conversion was $ 5.78.

The account is senior and has been optimized for a long time, which is why the average conversion rate is 4.58%.

Since the beginning of our collaboration with us, this customer enjoys extremely good results and we have always been able to be effective for them. Every campaign manages to generate conversions at very low costs, which allows us to try to attract new customers.

How did I get these results?

We have created:

  1. Campaigns on the best-selling products and product categories;
  2. Remarketing campaigns targeting all users, people who have dropped their shopping cart and certain segments of people;
  3. RLSA campaigns;
  4. DSA campaigns;
  5. Smart Display campaigns;
  6. Feeds of products available on the site and used it in campaigns;

All campaigns have been permanently monitored and will exclude irrelevant searches

These are just some of the things that led to our client’s results.

Behind these sales there are hours of analyzes and tests to get a low cost / conversion.

And you can get extraordinary results based on Google Ads promotion campaigns, but you need the necessary knowledge and experience to know from the start what can bring you sales and what campaigns will consume your money unnecessarily.

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