How to Create Youtube Ads to Get Views or Subscribers

How to Create Youtube Ads to Get Views or Subscribers

We are currently talking about marketing through video clips, and statistics show that they are very effective and help businesses grow and grow extremely quickly. The cost per view is small, and the ad brings you brand awareness, subscribers to YouTube, but even conversions and leads. This is a method to get quick views and subscribers for your Youtube channel.


To advertise you, you can use the following types of ads on YouTube:

  • In-stream Ads – Ads that run before, during, or after certain clips on YouTube or in the GDN. After 5 seconds, the user can skip the creative.
  • Discovery Ads – appear only on YouTube and reach users when they discover content. For example, on the youtube homepage, or when looking for videos on a specific theme. Your video will only run if the user clicks on it.
  • Bumper Ads – a short video format designed to reach a large number of users to increase your brand awareness through a short, memorable message. Bumper ads have 6 seconds or less, and users can not skip.


The most used ad types on YouTube are in-stream, which is displayed across other videos.

The optimum length for a video ad is 15-30 seconds

How and how much do you pay for Youtube Ads?

For in-stream and discovery pay per view ads – it’s considered a view when the user looks at at least 30 seconds of your clip. If it is shorter then a view is considered when the user looked at the entire video. For bumper ads you pay per thousand impressions, so Cost Per Mille strategy – you pay a cost for every thousand ad impressions.


Creative targeting on YouTube

  • placements – You can choose to have your video appear on a particular YouTube video, a specific channel, third-party sites, or apps
  • keywords
  • topics
  • interest
  • demographics: such as age, gender, parental status, income etc.
  • remarketing


How to set up a YouTube Ads campaign?


YouTube campaigning is not very different from the principles of other types of campaigns.


#1. Go to the campaign creation panel and make the following selections:

  1. product and brand consideration because we intend to increase our awareness online
  2. Select the video as the campaign type
  3. Select the campaign subtype as the standard consideration
  4. Click “Continue”

set up youtube ads

#2. Settings

Name the campaign, set a budget and schedule when to start running ads and when to stop.

Select “all languages”, enter the target location, set the bidding method (we recommend maximum cost per view)

get youtube subscribers

#3. Ad group and settings

Name the ad group and realities the desired targeting.

For this type of campaign, you can use demographics (age, gender, marital status) to target, as well as audiences that resemble those in the Display.

You can also target based on keywords, topics, or placements.

The last thing you need to do here is set a maximum CPV.

# 4 Videoclip

After you’ve completed all of the above steps, it’s much easier in the new platform to enter a video in your campaign.

All you have to do is place the url or type its name.

You can then choose which type of ad you want, the final url, the ad name, the companion banner.

On the right side you can see a preview of how your ad will look.


As we have repeated so far, any campaign that has been made must be monitored and optimized at all times, and data must be interpreted appropriately.

Youtube campaigns can be very effective, but they can be extremely expensive without delivering results.

Target the right people to get the results you want.

Also the announcement is extremely important. Use clips that highlight your business, services, or products. Use professional, performance clips to help you achieve your goals with YouTube campaigns



Previously, I’ve introduced the most used campaign types available to you to promote. It is very important to know that a campaign that is not optimized and targeted properly will not generate the desired results.

This will become the millstone of your account, and you will not be able to straighten things apart by spending hours analyzing data until you find the right age segment.


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