How to make an app in simple steps!

How to make an app in simple steps!

Creating an app is the dream of many programmers and business people. Mobile apps for mobile devices are constantly growing, and online stores, blogs, news sites, but also other types of websites need mobile apps.


How can you make your own mobile app?

There are two ways for you to have your own mobile app:

  1. The classic variant in which you build from 0 a mobile app, and if you are a programmer this, although it will be a new domain, you will be able to manage and get a mobile application.
  2. If you are a programmer or owner of a website and you need an app that reflects the website, then you lean from this article, how to  make an app


Why to create an app?

AppConversion will help make your dream a reality. Our team can make an app that will be the faithful version of your website. The easiest way to create an app is to convert website to app.

The main advantage of this application is that it will automatically sync with the web version of the store or presentation website you own. Each modification of the website will be transmitted to the app, so you will gain a powerful marketing channel, as well as time to develop yourself.


How can you make an app?

Step 1: Access an converter website to app

Step 2: Insert the link of your website in the preview field of the mobile application version.

Step 3: After you insert the link click on the convert button and you will be redirected to another page where you can preview the application.

Step 4: Find out what your app looks like in the mobile version.

Step 5: Select the desired package, and here you can opt for an app for Andoid or you may want one for iOS, but we have also make a package to get two apps running on the most important platforms (Android and iOS).

Step 6: Complete the “Website URL” field with the website link for which you want an app.

Step 7: Complete the “App Name” field with the name you want the application to have.

Step 8: Complete the “Email” field with the address you want to receive the invoice for the purchased services as well as the mobile app after it will be completed.

Step 9: Press the “Buy now” button to make the payment and within 48 hours you will receive the mobile app you dreamed of.


Everything is extremely simple!

Buy your own mobile app now!

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