+200 Small and Big Business Ideas to Start

In this article you will find over 200 business ideas that you can implement alone or with the help of your family or with people with whom you share the same vision about the business.

In this list you will find at least one idea that you can implement with a small or big budget. Ideally, before you start a business, you should look into the niche you want to enter, because only then will you know what you have to do in the near and distant future.

Regardless of the business you are about to start, it is advisable to use the online environment because of the great benefits it offers.


Home Business Ideas


  1. Graphic web design

graphic design business idea

Become proficient in graphics by taking online Photoshop courses and practicing knowledge by creating different graphic creations, and then exploiting your skills by creating logos or web banners.

2. Create PC applications

mobile app business ideas

This business idea is well paid, because the degree of accomplishment of these products is more difficult, it requires specialized knowledge that are not very found on the US market . Start this business idea by learning to create small applications yourself.


  1. Accounting services

accounting company busines

For this business idea it is necessary to have the expertise on field and be certified by CECCAR to practice independently. However, take basic accounting courses and do the primary accounting for clients.


  1. Translation services

translation business

For this type of business you require to know at least 1-2 languages ​​compared to the one spoken. English, French, German, Spanish or Italian are among the most widely used languages ​​internationally. Knowing several languages ​​you can easily translate for clients. Small business ideas are easy to implement.


  1. Tailoring

make clothes business idea

Opening a tailor’s shop is a very good idea, especially having the skills and creativity you need. By purchasing a sewing machine as well as a few materials to start your own home business in your spare time and develop it throughout.


  1. Make up services

make up business

Do you love make up and cosmetics? Turn this into a profitable business. Take a course, buy the necessary products and start finding the first customer. Tell family, friends and colleagues at work about your new passion.


  1. Manicure services

manicure business woman

If for you manicure is the business card without which you do not leave the house, then start this business with a small budget. The supplies consist of consumables and utensils.


  1. Meditation

meditation ideas

If in school, high school or college you were a compelling student, then this is a good business idea, easily give meditation to other students. It is necessary to study the latest textbooks found in schools in order to bring results to the students you are meditating.


  1. Child care

child care ideas

wondering what you are good at and it comes to your mind that you like to take care of children?  Then this is your business idea. Empathy and care for others plays an important role in this business.


  1. Production of vegetables and organic fruits

production business 2021

This business idea is indicated to the people who already have a field to cultivate that they can exploit in order to offer organic vegetables and fruits to the clients who follow a lifestyle based on the bio consumption. This is a growing business in US . It is necessary to consider obtaining bio certificates. This is a small business idea that give you a start to entrepreneurship.


  1. Massage services

message business idea

Massage is a way of relaxing the body and after hours of work, we often feel the need for a massage. This gives you the opportunity to start a business on your own.

Buy yourself a massage bed, learn as much as possible about massage techniques through which you can ensure a relaxed state for clients.


  1. Training dogs

train dogs ideas

Love animals and especially dogs? This is the best business idea, invest time in developing your training skills and implement a business idea. You will definitely find many dog ​​owners who want a trainer for their dog.


  1. Walking dogs

walking dogs company

Although many anime owners love to have a puppy, time does not allow them to handle their dog properly. For this reason, offer dog walking services to other potential clients who do not have time to properly handle their own dog.

All you have to do is contact the dog owners in park and tell them what do for them.


  1. Write articles

write articles

Is the talent of the writer in your talent pool? Then easily create articles for different companies. These services are increasingly demanded on the US market due to the expansion of online activities, where new websites are created and they need texts. It is simple to make a business, you do not have to necessarily Business ideas that have not existed before.


  1. Creative cards

creative cards

The next level after you have written articles on various fields, is to choose a field in which you have the expertise and start writing. The constant work in creating a book shows its fruit after it is completed, as it can bring you considerable passive income. This can also be a passive income idea.


  1. Social Media Services

social media services ideas

The vast majority of us have at least one Social Media account: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or others. Like to post often interesting things? Then this is a business idea that can get your glove on. A fan of Social Media? Use now this small business idea.


  1. Editing photos of events

edit photos small business

Passion for photography or graphics can help you open a job easily. Are you familiar with Photoshop? Process photos from events, and all you have to do is stay home and edit from your own office.


  1. Freelancer web design

freelancer ideas

Want to earn above average income but work from home? then start investing time in learning web design and make this your best business idea. Although it is a very good idea, you will still have a lot of work to do. You must learn programming languages ​​such as: HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, Java, C ++ and more.


  1. Youtuber

youtube start business 2021

Are an extroverted person and you like to be the center of attention?  Easily become a youtuber dealing with certain topics and topics. Start by filming with your own cell phone and talking about what you are passionate about.

  1. Dress designer

clothes designer business

Fashion is a topic that is talked about every day. Then easily invest time in becoming a fashion designer, but this business involves a lot of knowledge about the history of fashion, materials and trends.


  1. Creating handmade products

handmade business idea

Handmade products are in search of an increasing number, and do this in parallel with your work place. Create handmade objects and put them for sale on Facebook or ad websites. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild.


  1. E-commerce business


Do you already market products or do you intend to do so? Then create an online store and start selling. You have access to a market much larger than the proximity of the physical store. Start today an e-commerce business!


  1. Blogging

blogger how to

Also from the passion for writing start writing articles on topics related to your life or society. That way become an influencer and monetize your blog through paid advertisements, paid articles, affiliations and more. Do you don’t have business ideas? Start to write and monetize a blog.


  1. Real estate rental and sale agent

real estate agency marketing

For those who have good communication skills and an attraction for real estate, they can contact others who want to sell or rent real estate and present them to clients.


  1. Create home natural soaps

natural soap business

In Morocco and Tunisia, the creation of soaps is a family tradition. Invest time in developing a small business with soaps. All you have to learn is to know how to create and implement this idea with your neighbors.

  1. Gardening

gardening ideas

Do you love to spend time in garden? If the answer is yes, then do this for others as well. Strengthen your passion for landscaping, playgrounds and turn this into a real business. Take further training courses and grow your own business in a business that is constantly growing!


  1. Interior design

interior design ideas for business

As in case of gardens, also offer interior design services. We all want beautiful houses and offer them the advice they want to make their dream home.


  1. Sale professional photos


Like to take original pictures? then this is the perfect business idea for you. Create different contexts and decorations to place and sell licensed.


  1. Musician

musician ideas

Feel that you are made for music? It is ideal to implement this small idea. Start by practicing your voice or your ability to play different instruments. Make small representations for those in family and in front of your friends, then start playing in venues, covers, pubs and growing could continue.

  1. Painting on wood or glass

paintining how to do

Do you have an artistic side and do you like to paint? Why don’t you take this much further? A very good idea would be to make paintings and paintings on glass and why not do a business in this area. Look in a certain area and always try something new. Paint your business idea now!


  1. Canto lessons

canto small business

Passion and experience in music field can be a plus for you and a business idea exploit. He recommends you to offer meditation to youngs who dream of becoming a singer. Although it is a pretty easy business idea to implement, document yourself and learn how to effectively promote your services.


  1. Workshops

workshop teacher

Regardless of the artistic talent you have, make a creative workshop for painting, handmade, flower arrangements. In which do with guests different things by which they will acquire new practical knowledge and ideas.


  1. Customizing objects

objects big and small

Many of us want to make original gifts, and through personalization they become unique. Start a business idea who print or engraving equipment  and send them to customers.


  1. Furniture workshop

furniture business

For customers who are passionate about carpentry, it is a formality to open a business in field, because they know the equipment and materials they have to work with. They just have to find clients for whom to train.


  1. Make windows

window maker

The growing demand for insulated windows is known due to the renovation of the blocks in Bucharest, hence the need for new insulated windows. Open such a business and approach block managers to get in touch with our new client.


  1. Security services


Security is essential, which is building a business to provide security services for different objectives, and with a few ideas in addition to competitors can quickly capture the market.


  1. Space for rent for football and tennis

football business

Own a land of about 200 m2? Arrange a place for football and tennis, and this can be placed on the outskirts of the city for low costs. In winter time to continue the activity, it is advisable to use a hot air balloon that covers the whole land.


  1. Space for airsoft

airsoft game

Airsoft is a sport that is becoming more and more popular. The simple fact that it involves weapons similar to the real ones, both strategies, defense and simulation of the front, makes customers often return to the airsoft areas. So, a land available, it is a great idea to invest in an airsoft land.


  1. Space for paintball

paintball business

Like airsoft business ideas, you can make a smaller space for paintball. It is very easy to set up, and all you have to do is ensure the proper equipment and promote the location effectively. Business ideas like that require to have a larger space.


  1. Shooting range

shooting ideas to start

Also on area of ​​fun we stay for a new business idea: shooting range. For those who want to experience this sport implement this business with a limited space. Of course, you must take into account safety rules to avoid accidents.


  1. Music production

make music

Associate with different artists and create songs for commercial use. There are soloists who do not have a band and need a band to compose their melodic line for their song. Talk to them about their idea of ​​music and implement it in a studio.


  1. Gamer


For teens who are passionate about games they can take their passion to the next level by being a professional gamer. They can participate in competitions with prizes, national and international, or they can use Youtube or Twitch to showcase their gamer skills.


  1. Chocolate shop

chocolate business small

Chocolate is on top of everyone’s preferences when it comes to sweets. We love chocolate, and a chocolate with hundreds of assortments is a sweet business that would definitely be successful.


  1. Courier on a bicycle

cyclist courier

Become a courier by bike and work on your own or use applications to take orders. It is a fast and efficient way to make money as well as put into practice.


  1. Window washer

window wisher

Window washing is a dangerous job , but find it exciting, work on your own as a window washer. There are certainly numerous glass buildings on cities where offer your services.


  1. ​​False customer

false customer ideas

There are many managers who want to be convinced that the relationship of the employees with the clients is a professional one, which is why they often hire false clients to find out how the employees behave in general.



Business ideas in services

  1. Marketing consulting

digital marketing agency

With some knowledge on domain of marketing and some effective promotion strategies you will be able to offer business consulting. This way start a business on your own without having to make investments in material goods, the only investment will be the one in your own person.


  1. Psychological consulting

psyhology consultancy

To provide psychological counseling you have to have a specializationon field. It is a sensitive field, which in future will have a growing search.


  1. Nutrition consulting

nutrition business

We all realize sooner or later that physical health matters a lot, and most of the time, we need specialized nutritional advice. By studying techniques of diet implementation and control over them, start to offer advice to a person without investing too much.


  1. Feng shui consultant

feng shui business

Feng shui is an interesting niche, and with a little aesthetic sense and study, become a feng shui consultant those who willing to invest in their own home to be harmonious, will definitely contact you. Having a vision, training and intense study and you will become a specialists.


  1. Consulting couples

couple consultant

What is happening now is affecting more and more couples, and they are becoming more unstable. When problems arise, many feel the necesity to seek advice from experienced mans to solve their problems. The number of couples who call on counselors in relationships is increasing, and be one of the future counselors. Do you love to help others? This business idea it’s for you.


  1. Alternative medicine consultant

nature alternative medicine

There are many cases where traditional medicine fails, which is why others have started to resort to alternative medicine. This is an option for mans looking for new solutions to the health problems they face. With study, but also with professional equipment and become a consultant in alternative medicine.


  1. Tax and tax consultancy

tax consulntancy business

If the figures seem interesting to you, then invest time to learn everything you need about taxes and taxes and then become a business consultant. As a tax and tax consultant offer your services for companies, so they pay less taxes.

Document yourself properly and start an extremely fast business. This business idea is perfect for people who are already working on domain and beyond.


  1. SME consulting

small business ideas to do

With a consistent experience in management and marketing offer consulting to SMEs in order to improve their activity to become profitable. Performing specialized studies as well as developing effective personal strategies will be a good start in this business area.


  1. Get funds for small business

consulting business

Guides for accessing European funds change from year to year. Like to document yourself and spend hours doing business plans? This type of business might be exactly what you wanted. Small business ideas you can do with just a few hours on a week.


  1. Copyright consulting


An affinity for laws you have every chance to become a copyright consultant. With intense and efficient study become a perfect connoisseur of the laws so that defend and advise your clients if their work has been used improperly.


  1. Household repairs

house hold repairs

The skill and meticulousness can be the basis of a business that start today. Offer damaged home repair services. Develop yourself even a workshop, but the beginning is the most difficult until you come out, because demand is. Become an entrepreneur with his original idea today.


  1. Photograph editor

photograph editor ideas

The passion for photography and editing can become a profitable business quite easily. Many people want edited photos or graphic creations, and offer them the perfect solution by gaining significant revenue from the passion for photo editing.


  1. Videographer

videographer business

Video editing is a business idea that easily consider. Although the equipment is expensive, this field manages to make the equipment depreciate in shortest time.


  1. Party entertainer

party ideas

An event must have dynamism at party and the ability to be fun and perform in a certain way, develop in this direction and even attract collaborators.

By party entertainers we refer to magicians, stand-ups, theater, pets, dancers.


  1. Fitness trainer

fitness business

The experience you have in fitness room can become a small business. With a course and with the help of experience and become a fitness trainer.


  1. Choreography

dance business

Do you love dance? If the answer is yes, then it is a good idea to start dreaming and working to become a future choreographer to create something amazing. Be a choreographer for children, marriages, parties.


  1. Repair electronics

repair electronics

Electronics will always need minor repairs. Start by selling phone covers and foils, and over the years to expand to phone repairs.

The investments are quite small, and the must have a GSM services.


  1. Dance coach

dance coach

Knowledge in dance world can be the perfect start for a business as a coach for children and adults. Rent a space and start teaching dance hours for people of all ages. Find people who love to dance and implement your business idea.


  1. Sports coach

sport coach ideas

Experience in the gym as well as on sports is the ideal basis for becoming a sports coach for children and adults. Be a sports coach for admission to the police, marathons, football, tennis, basketball.


  1. Career consulting


More and more fail to discover their own vocation, and sometimes a person needs to play the role of a career consultant. It has the role of opening the horizons for people who think they cannot find their vocation.


  1. Recruitment

hr business

Each company are looking for staff at a certain time. Offering recruitment services is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking for qualified personnel. Your company can provide the services that many companies want. Given that many businesses in US want employees through this idea provide what they want in their company.


  1. Drone videography

drone business

Drone videography is a very good niche to exploit. The costs of the equipment are considerable, but this type of service is necessary for making quality presentations, for making clips, movies and others.


  1. Speaker in public

public business industry

A very well developed communication skills and become a public speaker. It is obvious that you need in-depth knowledge in a particular field. Only then will you be credible, and the public will trust what you say.


  1. Car Wash

car was how to

Cars always will be wash and as long as we use cars to get around, they will always need care in order to be efficient. Every car have at least one wash per month. Invest in your own car wash and you will certainly be successful.


  1. Auto detailing

detailing auto

Love cars? Invest in developing a car detailing company. Sooner or later, any car needs careful and professional cleaning.

The detailing is in high demand, and car lovers do whatever their car looks flawless.


  1. Car paint

change color of a car

Rust is a problem for old cars, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be betrayed. Opening a car paint or parts of the car can be a very interesting and good business.

Are you passionate about details and cars?  Car painting is a good business idea.


  1. Auto tuning

tuning business 2021

The car tuning is in great search and at least once it has passed to every man who could tune his car. Like cars? Then  invest in creating a car tuning workshop.


  1. Laundry clothes

clothes business 2021

Although we all have washing machines, there are many who are looking for laundering clothes for the demanding ones and who need special care.

Knowledge of materials, cleaning techniques and attention can be the basis of a very interesting business.


  1. Tourist guide

tourist guide

The passion for history and the ability to communicate with others can help you become a tour guide for those who want to know more about the area in which you live.

Opening such a business is an opportunity and a certified guide you can apply this idea even faster than you thought.


  1. Printing artists

painting artist

Young talents want a good representation and the ability to get concerts, events, and other types of requests for them, you have everything you need to be a successful entrepreneur.

Choose a few young talents, be creative, communicate effectively and represent the right artists to develop you in long term.


  1. Sports printing

new ideas

Even athletes need an entrepreneur to reach good teams. They cannot obtain such favorable contracts on their own, as an entrepreneur who has an entrance everywhere could do.

As a sports impresario you have to lot a bargaining power, as well as skills to promote the qualities of the athlete you represent.


  1. Reseller advertising space

advertising business

Are you already working on business environment expand the area of ​​services offered and include in your portfolio the resale part of the advertising space. Negotiate advertising contracts for certain spaces and then sell them to companies with their own commercial addition. This is a passive business idea.


Business ideas in agriculture


  1. Lavender culture


The interest for growing lavender has increased since it was found that the profit that can be obtained by cultivating one hectare reaches 8,000 euros. Those who enter into business with “purple gold” are often small farmers with small areas of several hectares and who have an amount available to invest.


  1. Culture of sea buckthorn

sea buckthorn

Establishing a bitch culture is not available to anyone, but some money put aside and time to properly inform and build a culture like that will become profitable by the third year of planting. This culture can be safely exploited for up to 25 years. This is a long term business idea.


  1. Castor culture

castor famer

If during the communist period the castor is cultivated in us on large areas, today few farmers rely on this plant. The profit from the castor crop can be considerable if we consider the average production of 1600 kilograms / hectare. The minimum price for one kilogram of castor seeds is 25$..


  1. Almond culture

almond business

Peanut crops is one of the most profitable agricultural businesses in Romania. These peanut crops require an average investment and are amortized over a short period of time compared to other crops. However, peanut crops bring generous profits.


  1. Purple potatos

purple potato

Purple potato crops are currently the most profitable agricultural crop on small areas and beyond. Although the investment may be considerable for a start, the income generated by a purple potato crop is consistent. This is a new business idea.


  1. Marigold culture


Marigold culture is a mild annual culture, without any special demands. Are you an owner? Land to cultivate, the choice of planting the yolks can be a good decision that will generate considerable income. Business ideas in agriculture are easy to find, but you have to be passionate about it.


  1. Mint culture

mint agriculture business

The establishment of a mint culture can be done at any time, from autumn to spring. You need a field to prepare as for vegetable crops and involves discussing, milling. Peppermint is a plant that is not pretentious, resistant and can generate enough income.


  1. Strawberry culture

strawberry agriculture

Strawberry cultivation is an activity that requires a lot of effort and attention, but at the same time it can bring as much satisfaction, which is why more and more potential customers may be tempted to go to this activity, especially as at present all the information necessary for the accomplishment and maintenance such a culture are a click away.


  1. Walnut culture

walnut culture

Nut crops are an opportunity for farmers. An investment of 6,400 euros per hectare of forest nuts generates over a period of 25 years a profit of over 600,000 euros, according to an association.


  1. Culture of medicinal plants

medicinal plants

The business with medicinal plants is experiencing a new era in which the number of humans seeking natural treatments is increasing. With a temperate climate, the US is the place where such healing plants can be grown on large areas, and the profit is assured by a clever harvesting of the crop.


  1. Culture of berries

culture of berries

The berries are recommended and required for fresh consumption as well as on food and pharmaceutical industry. The cultivation of berries is a profitable business and easy to put into practice with small investments and quick depreciation.


  1. Cherry culture

cherry culture

The cherry culture ensures the prosperity of many families in regions where this is the specific traditional culture that brings above average income from agricultural production. According to statistics, the US ranks 3rd in productivity in terms of cherry crops. With a favorable climate and soils, the production of cherry crops can be a profitable investment!


  1. Organic crops

organic business

Bio products are increasingly sought after. As the day goes by we become aware of the quality of the consumed products. Organic crops are increasingly a profitable business because the price for the same products is higher if they are organic. This is part of the category of long-term business ideas.


  1. Manufacture of sweets

sweets ideas new

Live in an area with many fruit growers and invest in creation of a small confectionery factory. Purchase fruit in large quantities to get discounts for raw materials, so implement this business idea at low costs. Create sweet fruit from different fruits and market it in major US and European countries.


  1. Honey


In US there are many honey producers. Buy a storage space and collect honey from small producers and pack it in jars of different sizes to distribute later on big chains of stores. Business ideas like this can be implemented with a small budget.


  1. Pig farm

pig farm

The pork is on the table . Creating a pig farm is a business that can bring you consistent profits over time. Certainly in winter season, pork sales would bring you considerable profits. This is a business idea with continuous demand.


  1. Goat and sheep farm

sheep farm business

Easily invest in a goat and sheep farm. These are animals that generate considerable income and multiply in a short time. There are shepherds who practice this business idea from father to son.


  1. Chicken farm

chicken farm

Chicken and eggs are in high demand in US . Although you need a considerable investment, the creation of a chicken farm will bring you the desired profits over time. This is a business that can be implemented in family.


Online business ideas


  1. Handmade online store

handmade ideas

With a relatively small investment you can start to create handmade products and market them on your own online store. This is a business idea to do in your spare time to increase your revenue.


  1. Online flower shop

flower shop

Love flowers? This can mean that your passion can become a business. Opening an online store that delivers flowers at home can be the most beautiful business to do.

I say this because you will combine both the passion you have and turn it into a way of living. This ideas are easy to do.


  1. Online store with clothing and footwear

clothes store

The online stores of clothing and footwear are more and more, but that does not mean you can not innovate. Come up with something new in this area and you will definitely find a place on market, but it is also a very dynamic industry that will keep you in grip all the time.


  1. Online shop with cosmetics

cosmetic company

Whether you have a passion for cosmetics or want to enter this industry, opening an online store with cosmetics is an idea worth investing time and money.


  1. Online store with electronics and appliances

electronic start up

You are looking for a supplier of electronics and home appliances and all you have to do is set up an online store, create a stock and start selling. Although it seems simple, get ready for a tough fight in online electronics and home appliances market.


  1. Online store with gaming products

gaming start up

Games are a separate niche, and gaming enthusiasts invest quite a large amount in gadgets and peripherals to increase their efficiency. If you also have a passion for this field, invest in creating an online store to market such products.


  1. Online watch shop

watch shop online

The passion for watches can be the source of a business idea that all men will appreciate. Watches are accessories that both women and men appreciate. Being an accessory that every man wants and that every man needs, easily invest in such a store, but also keep in mind that trends are changing and you must bring smart watches.


  1. Online shop with auto parts

auto pieces

For new entrepreneurs, although new cars are mostly repaired in service, there are still car owners who repair your cars alone or purchase parts and accessories for them online. Find a supplier and invest in creating an online store with auto parts.


  1. Online store with children’s items

children clothes store

Children’s articles are and will always be in high demand. For this reason, opening a clothing store is an interesting idea in which it is worth investing. We recommend that you have patience and come up with different products to be successful.


  1. Online shop with natural products

bio products

Humans have become more and more open to the use of natural bio products. Because we realize how artificial the products we consume, we are increasingly inclined to eat healthier.

Now and on future, the demand for natural products will definitely increase.


  1. Online shop with fireproof products

ecommerce start up

Open an online store with powdered products with a small investment, but you need more suppliers as well as good logistics, as you will have orders that will contain products from multiple suppliers / manufacturers.


  1. Online perfume shop

parfume firm

Both men and women have at least one perfume, and these products are indispensable to emanate masculinity / femininity. Investing in creating an online perfume shop is an idea rather than an efficiency. What you need to do is find a solution whereby the users will test the respective perfumes and you will certainly be able to position yourself very well in market. Connect with brands and show them you small business ideas.


  1. Online dropshipping shop

dropship business

This type of online store does not require stocks. All you have to do is create an online store dropshipping system that contains products that the supplier will send on your behalf.

Easy right ?!

It is, but you have to invest time to find the right supplier and money to promote your store!


  1. Influencer

influencer start up

Some of us are more popular than others. This is also the reason why there are influences. If you already have a community on your Instagram account or Facebook page, become an influencer and promote through the content you post certain products or services of some companies in exchange for some money.

However, you need a community that believes in you and appreciates the content you post, as well as the way you create it.


  1. Youtuber

youtube start up

It can be said that being a YouTuber, it can be a full time job and it can really generate revenue for you. A large number of subscribers, this is the time when you need to start monetizing your content and allowing ads to be displayed on the clips on the channel.

The following may be a little disappointed, but it is necessary to continue your activity.


  1. Online help

help online company

As the world evolves, people need help with the problems they face in life. They want advice and recommendations from some specialists. The lack of time leads to an increasing necesity for online assistance in many areas.

Enough experience in a particular field? Start offering this service to individuals or companies.


  1. News website

news reading firm

There is no need for an overly large investment to open a news website in different fields. All you have to do is retrieve or create news to attract as many visitors as possible.

Having a website with lots of traffic, sell space for business promotion, and the way you promote and monetize is solely due to your creativity.


  1. Dating website

dating website

Many people see this as a problem in finding a soul mate, and a dating website can really help others to find their half. Find a new concept and invest in creating a dating social website. For that you don’t need an investor, this part of a small business ideas that start to do with a simple website.


  1. Ads website

online ads business

Business owners need places to publish the things they want to sell. An investment in an ad website is a very good idea that is worth all the work and effort.


  1. Recipes website


If you are a chef or you are passionate about culinary arts to open a recipe website. Surely the future of cookbooks will be the culinary websites. A recipe website is a business idea that could bring you satisfaction both in kitchen and financially. This a small business idea to make in your own kitchen.


  1. Website review

reviews website

In US youtubers and others have specialized in creating video content as well as articles. Do the unboxing and describe the experience offered by some products by offering a personal review about them.


  1. Website with news in IT

it news

If you like to keep up to date with the latest news in IT field, it is a good business idea to create your own website with new IT news. This way you will spend time informing yourself about your passion and sharing the news with other users.


  1. Travel blog

travel blog monetization

As a traveler you can create your own travel blog. Write articles about each destination separately and post them on your own blog to help others to discover a particular area as you discovered it. Over time get sponsorships to visit other places. Become an entrepreneur right now!


  1. Chat website


People still need others to talk to online, which is why opening a website that more can discuss is a good idea. All you have to do is create the site to get users and then find a way to monetize this site.


  1. Blog

write blog

The passion for writing articles could be a very efficient source of income for you. Create extremely many articles, optimize SEO and attract as much traffic. You will be able to monetize the traffic on the site through advertising spaces as well as through different sponsorships.


  1. Applications with puzzle games

puzzle game business

If you are passionate about mobile applications you can create puzzle games to motivate users to spend as much time in application and buy benefits over time in order to advance the game. Best small business idea to do.


  1. Weather status application

weather app

Funny or not, we all want to know what the weather will be like and what the weather is like. Create an application with the weather status as well as other functions that monetize and by which make the application much more popular.


  1. Application with discounts


Create partnerships with websites to inform you of the discounts they have periodically. This way you will be able to give users the opportunity to have all the discounts available in online stores in one place. Create your own business idea from this sentence.


  1. Fitness applications


We all want to look good and do exercises properly, but to do this we need knowledge in the field. For those who want to go to the gym often turn to fitness applications to learn how to train because, most of the time, a personal trainer is expensive.


  1. Productivity applications

productivity hacks

Time is limited, and we often feel that we are not productive. Productivity monitoring applications are increasingly being sought by people who want to maximize their results. Invest in such applications to give everything they need in one.


  1. Affiliates in the US

affiliate marketing business

Become an affiliate through several platforms, and each purchase you generate will bring you a commission from the company you promoted. Are you looking for business ideas to work from home? This is the best for you!


  1. Adding products to Amazon

add products on amazon

Amazon offers the possibility of any entrepreneur to market their products on its platform. The amount of money you want to invest in certain products and work with Amazon to increase your revenue and sell worldwide.


  1. Adding products on eBAY

add products on ebay

eBay is also an important platform where you can start a small business. You want attention and time to attract customers from this platform. Simple business ideas that require just a few clicks and time.


Big business ideas


  1. Travel agency

travel agency start up

If you like to negotiate and get discounts on everything, then you can start to create a travel agency and sell holiday offers to interested and passionate to travel. Become an entrepreneur who travel with his business.

Try to get the best deals and build partnerships with service providers.


  1. Web design agency

web design agency

Not all of us know how to create a site, and now companies need an online presence and an website aslo. With web design skills and programming knowledge and develop on your own a web design company with minimal investments.


  1. Consulting agency

consulting agency

Business consulting is extremely important, both for start-up companies and for companies with market experience. There are simply times when the need for an external consultant becomes necessary. Whether it is marketing, management, accounting or production, there is a demand for consulting.


  1. Real estate


To open a real estate agency involves relatively low costs if we compare to the income generated. In the field of real estate choose to create your own real estate agency or to invest in real estate.


  1. Courier companies


Now, the need for couriers is increasing. Being such a large number of requests, there is still enough room for a courier company. Use your car for this small business idea.


  1. Deposits

deposit goods

Extremely many companies working with products do not have the storage capacity required to store the volume of products. Making a deposit to be rented to companies and equipped with last-minute stock management technology can be a considerable investment, but will not fail and will be quickly repaid.


  1. Event hall

event ballroom

Depending on the area you are in, create a salon for events, because there will always be people who will unite your destinies and who need a place to have fun.


  1. Restaurant


The investments for building a restaurant are considerable, but it is an idea in which it is worth investing the resources you have. You create a slightly different restaurant because this will attract customers through its novelty.


  1. Catering


In the big cities the inhabitants order food more often at home or in the office than you can imagine. A catering company is a business capable of satisfying a daily need that some of us have and whose career does not have to fall so easily. Are you looking just for small business ideas? This can be the righ one.


  1. Professional audio equipment

audi equipment pro

Sales of professional audio equipment is a particular business, because you have to gain visibility in the groups and places where people are willing to invest in something like this.

Clearly a natural person can purchase professional audio equipment, but your target is represented by bands, bands, bars, conference rooms and others.


  1. Sale of professional video equipment

video equipment

Another niche is the video industry. Professional video equipment is extremely expensive, and the speed with which it advances is fast, which is why mans and womans are also buying new equipment to keep up with the trend.

Develop a physical or online store with professional video products and you will surely be able to get the desired profits.


  1. Auto showroom

auto showroom

Create your own car showroom, and after the discussion with the suppliers and get a good commission for the promotion and sale of cars. Business ideas like that require simple knowledges.


  1. Afterschool

new business ideea

If you like children, a very good idea would be to open a private kindergarten , and the fact that you offer an extended program is the key to business success.


  1. Transportation of persons

transport business

A profitable idea would be to invest in a person transport company, because the need for travel will always exist. Your capital, a good plan and routes or partnerships it mandatory to ensure a constant cash flow.


  1. Fun park

fun park business idea

A fun park that will generate the income you dream of, requires big investments, but there is always someone looking for new ways and places to have fun.


  1. Dental office

dental start up

Humans will always have problems with dentures, and if you are a dentist it is a good idea to open your own practice and expand it while allowing other professionals to practice with you.


  1. Hospital


If your dream is to help people and you have capital, invest in opening a clinic that offers treatments and solutions for people’s health problems.

Turnkey business ideas/franchises


  1. Food track

food truck company

If you love festivals and love to travel, buy a turnkey food track business. Being a small business, with a brand in the back and go anywhere, this type of business can be exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Photo booth


If you love events and people like you and buy multiple photo booths in the franchise system or photo booths ready to go to events. It is a business that has low running costs and good results.


  1. Pub

beer pub

If you want a pub, you can purchase one or open one in the franchise system using the name of one, the brand and the arrangements of one and the pub already known in the US.


150. Coffee bar

coffee bar

A coffee shop can be a business you have always dreamed of, especially if you are a coffee lover. The initial costs can be quite high, but a good idea, quality products and a unique atmosphere are the key to a successful coffee shop.


New business ideas in 2020


  1. Creating objects with 3D printers

3d printing ideas

3D printers are a step forward in technology. If you are willing to invest in such a printer, you can develop a business to make models, figurines, but also other objects to order with the help of 3D printers. An inovative person can devolpe this simple idea to a big business.


  1. Applications for health assessment

health business ideas

We all need a doctor at some point, and we often want to go to the best ones. An application that contains the reviews of each doctor and his / her historian would be of interest to many people.

If you are passionate about the development of applications and develop in parallel and devices through which each person can evaluate their health.


  1. Cyber ​​security services

cyber security ideas

Security in the online environment is a problem that more and more companies are considering. Attacks on websites, databases, viruses, are just a few threats that a company must prevent, which is why many companies resort to professional teams in cyber security.


  1. Business ideas based on a collaborative economy


To better understand this concept I will give some examples, namely Uber and Airbnb. These types of businesses cause you to obtain the consent of some individuals or companies, to offer the other people goods and services.


  1. Hotel for animals


Animal lovers are willing to do anything for their companions, which is why a pet hotel could be a very good investment. Every animal lover wants to know that his or her cat or dog is in a place where he has all the attention he needs. Develope this small business idea today.


  1. Stock investments

stock investments

If you are current with the market and how everything moving in the economy you can choose to invest in stocks, real estate, but also other areas that you own and that you think will bring you the income that you want.


  1. Artificial intelligence

artificial inteligence

Artificial intelligence is the most popular topic when it comes to the future, and investments in this area are growing. The big companies invest in the development of artificial intelligence so that in the future it can automate as many processes in our lives and make our work more efficient.

You can now start investing in artificial intelligence by creating your own software, robots, gadgets.


  1. Virtual reality

virtual reality business

Virtual reality is an advanced technology and at the same time very attractive. Analyzing the outside market you will discover that there are entrepreneurs who have chosen to invest in the development of training centers based on virtual reality. This is an example. Use virtual reality in different ways, but look at it as a basic resource for the next task you develop.


  1. Parenting courses


If some time ago no one thought that we need to learn to be parents, in the present time more and more young people are going to parenting courses. Although it is relatively new, developing a business through which you offer parenting is an idea that you should not exclude.


  1. Slow food

slow flow business

Although it is a relatively new current, slow food is developing worldwide and comes as an alternative to industrial food production. In other ideas, you can invest in creating cultures that grow naturally grown.


  1. Relaxation center

relaxation for business

We all need relaxation moments, and developing a relaxation center for adults and children can be the business you are looking for. This type of service has an increasing demand. Help other with your medidation ideas and make a business from that.


  1. Business Hub

business hub

A considerable amount of money?  Rent a large enough space to create your own business hub where host more companies or employees of some companies to carry on their business.


  1. VR entertainment center


VR technology is becoming more popular, and opening a VR-based entertainment center is an innovative idea that will appeal to many onlookers. We invite you to study this idea business interest.


  1. Board games

board games industry

Although time does not allow us to relax as we wish, board games are increasingly sought after, and the venues that offer space and such games are increasingly full of young people passionate about the feelings offered by a game with friends.


  1. Computer room

computer room

Computer rooms are no longer in vogue, but very few rooms are modern, and lack of marketing and promotion ideas is a big problem. Create a performance computer room and organize competitions to attract as many participants as possible.


  1. Construction company

bulding companies

Knowledge about the field of construction? Form a team of engineers and craftsmen with which to build houses, villas or even blocks. This business is extremely expensive and you need efficient people, but the winnings are as well.


  1. Logistics company

logistic company

On the market there is a demand for logistics companies. In order to make the business more efficient, companies need such specialists to maintain a constant flow of production and supply. Create a logistics company and invest time to prove that make a business more efficient.


  1. Event organizer

events for business

If you are passionate about events and you like to plan and organize, this business idea might be what you are looking for. Start by organizing small events, and in time you will get to organize larger events. Organizers of weddings, christenings, parties, corporate events are increasingly looking for.


  1. Teach different courses


Specialization courses are also in high demand. Invest in the creation of a headquarters in which to offer specialized courses in different fields to people who want to expand their area of ​​knowledge or obtain a certification.


  1. Offline Clothing Store

clothes new

If you love the big shops in the malls, a business idea is to open your own clothing store in the commercial spaces. Bring new, interesting products and for sure you will attract attention.


  1. Offline electronic shop and home appliances

shopping center

Electronics and home appliances will always be searched. You set up an offline store in the places where many people pass, and through the collaboration with different suppliers and get considerable revenues. Combine offline activity with online activity for maximum results.


  1. Sporting goods store


Whether it’s an offline store or an online store, opening a sports shop is an idea you need to consider. Being a nondescript activity in which people make purchases for their passion, your income will not be delayed to appear.


  1. Barber Shop

barber shop

This type of barber shop dedicated to men has grown and every barber shop has a real success. It is an extremely good idea to invest in the opening of such hairdressing salon which, although it has a limited number of seats, has extremely many demands.


  1. Hairdressing salon


Ladies and gentlemen can be your target audience, which means that opening a hairdressing and hairdressing salon will not lead to a lack of clients.


  1. Solar


Women have a passion for darker skin and often visit solariums. The opening of solar in several points of the city will be a considerable investment, but the revenues will not be delayed to appear.


  1. Fitness room

fitness industry

As we spend more and more time on the chair, the body sends us at a certain moment that we need to move, which is why quite a lot of people subscribe to the fitness rooms. It is an investment to measure, but the results will not delay to appear. Make the body of your clients, your major business.


  1. Swimming pool


Have a space and invest in creating a swimming pool where people come and relax. The need for relaxation that we feel especially on warm weekends will entice customers to your location.


  1. Car service

car services

Car services are a necessity, but our recommendation is to hire professionals because only then will you be able to get positive feedback from customers.


  1. Fast Food

fast food

Fast foods are and will always be in high demand. Sharoma, hamburgers, pizza, as well as other types of food are among the favorites of the lovers of this type of food.


  1. Sausages truck

saussages companies

Sausages are perhaps the most loved and popular products because they are cheap, tasty and make a morning perfect. Borrow a truck and make delicious goods for people. This is a good start up ideea.


  1. Cellar

cellar companies

This type of business is intended for wine lovers. Open a small winery dedicated to people who are passionate about good wines and with proper promotion, you will not miss the lack of customers.


  1. Laser shooter game

laser game

Laser games are a way to provide a source of fun to people who want to get out of their daily routine. These are interactive and can target children and adults alike.


  1. Bowling


Bowling is an addictive game that makes you be competitive, but although it requires space and considerable investment for the tracks, their repayment will be quite fast.


  1. Billiard

billiard ideas

If I mentioned bowling above, invest in a place for billiards enthusiasts or combine the two ideas. You clients love to have fun, help them with a simple billiard room.


  1. Law firm

law companies

If you are a lawyer or knowledgeable in the legislative field, open a law firm that has as many lawyers as possible and who deals with difficult cases to solve.


  1. Home cleaning


With a fairly small investment you can open a home cleaning company. Buy the equipment, hire 1-2 people and promote yourself to find as many customers. This way you will be able to quickly repay your investment.


18 7. Baby sitting services

A lover of children? Become a baby sitter and create a company through which mediate between the parents who need a baby sitter and the people who want to take care of children.


  1. Caravan cafe

cafe firm

Coffee is the spark that gives us energy and desire for work, which is why nothing compares to a coffee of note 10. A caravan that offers them high quality coffee on the way to work is a great idea.


  1. PR communication website

pr companies

If you are passionate about IT, you can create a web directory for business, as well as individuals, and in the meantime ask for modest amounts of money to promote a company’s products or services.


  1. Restaurant with a different menu

new resturant business ideas

Being different always will be a good thing. Opening a restaurant with quality food specific to a particular area will attract people eager to try new things.


  1. BTL Agency

btl agency

The passion for offline marketing and the desire to be always on the move will make you the right person to open an agency like this. It gives you everything you need for a dynamic life as you wish.


  1. Car rental

car rental firm

have considerable amounts of money?  Invest in cars to offer for rent. Rent cars at affordable prices, and in time to expand both geographically and fleet size. Simple business ideas that you can use.


  1. Tutorials on YouTube

video new ideas

Youtube is highly sought after, and if you are an expert in a particular field, start making tutorials on Youtube and in time monetize this content.


  1. Applying car foils to windows

small business

If you want to give a different look to your car, be sure that other car enthusiasts think the same thing. Open a small service that puts foils on the windows of cars and you will certainly not miss the customers. This is a small business idea that start from your garage.


  1. Image advisor

consultant person

Not all people can do this, but if you have advanced knowledge of marketing, PR, economics, psychology and design you are ready to become an image consultant for the people with reputation and for which the image matters.


  1. Branding agency

marketing agnecy

If you are definitely creative and attract other people as well as you know and set up a branding agency, and all that is left is to find companies to help you grow.


  1. Market research agency

research data big business

Market research is essential to better understand consumers’ intentions and actions. Possess the necessary knowledge about research and creativity to carry out invasive research? Opening such an agency is a good business idea.


  1. Musical studio

music studio

Young people want support, and the necessary resources and some knowledge of music, you can open a studio and impress young talents.


  1. Mediation firm

meditation small company

Some conflicts between companies and individuals require an outside person to reach a solution. Create a mediation company to solve the problems existing between individuals or companies.


  1. Clothes for rent

start a small business

It may seem incredible, but there are people willing to rent dresses for a particular event. If you find the idea interesting, all you have to do is invest in the creation or purchase of outfits to rent to the people who are eager.


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