The Importance of Product Feed

The Importance of Product Feed

The effectiveness of promotional campaigns is closely related to the announcement or ad type used and distributed to users. In other words, a user will be highly motivated to click on an ad that attracts attention and nothing attracts more attention than a custom ad.

To provide personalized ads, you need a product feed to use in your promotion campaigns.

What is the role of the feed?

The product feed is highly used in remarketing campaigns to provide personalized ads to users.

By implementing tracking codes on your site, you can remarket with user ads to get them back and buy, complete an abandoned order or get them to buy again. Facebook feed ads are the most effective because Facebook show products that user saw on e-commerce. Also, Google feed ads are better for remarketing.


With the feed, you can provide ads that contain the products seen by people who entered the site.

For example: if a person viewed multiple gowns and after a while abandons the site, the person will receive ads on the other promotion channels with the products seen before.

Through this campaign, you’ll be pulling some of the users back on the site to the products you’ve seen before.

Pay attention to this small aspect and include the feed in your promotional and remarketing campaigns.

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