What is Facebook marketing

What is Facebook marketing

Facebook is the largest social network today and has more than 2 billion active users every day. Being the most complex social networking platform, the platform is a good environment to advertise your business in more creative and efficient ways. The definition on Facebook marketing is that is a social platform that can deliver ads to people interested in your business, in order to have more conversions or leads.

What types of business is recommended for advertising on Facebook?
Every business can create a Facebook page and even if it is not a primary channel, the existence of a page is necessary to be present for users interested in discovering more things.

Whether you are an online store or a Facebook service provider is a good channel to do marketing. Invest your time and money to increase your notoriety, brand, but also the number of users who want to be up to date with your work. Facebook Ads is a very good platform for e-commerce. You can retarget products that people see on your website.

How to do Facebook marketing?
1. Create a page;
2. Post up to date news and pictures of your activity;
3. Create contests and award prizes to increase engagement rate;
4. Post ads in groups where there are people interested in the products / services they offer;
5. Interact with users;
6. Use hashtags;
7. Create posts to receive shares;
8. Invest in paid ads;
9. Monitor your activity.

How Effective Is Facebook Marketing?

The answer is: it depends.
Depending on the field of activity, Facebook can prove to be an inefficient channel, while for a business such as a clothing store, Facebook can be the main channel that generates sales.

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