What is native advertising?

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a type of advertising (advertising) in which the advertising message is delivered in a similar (native) form of the context in which it appears. For example, an article published on a site in order to promote a product may have the same shape and style as its own editorial material on that platform. The word “native” thus refers to the consistency between the advertising message and the other content elements in the context in which it is published.


Main categories of native advertising


In Feed Ad Units – refers to the promotional articles published in the same format and location with the site’s own editorial material. Advertising articles can be written by either the advertiser or the editorial team of the host site.

Search Ads – are contextual ads, displayed by organic search results in search engines. For example, the only indicator by which Google now differentiates these ads (Adwords) from organic results is the text.

Recommendation Widgets – Although these are not part of the editorial content of the site, these recommendations appear natively / naturally at the end of the articles in the form of recommendations for “relevant articles” or “recommended articles”.

Promoted Listings – They are most commonly found on affiliate sites in e-commerce or price comparisons and are characterized by preferential inclusion in the product list of items specifically chosen.

In-Ad – less and less commonly associated with the concept of “native advertising”. This is the classic banner, but it has content that is most relevant to the context in which it is displayed.

Custom / Cannot be Contained – other types of native advertising that do not fit into the above categories.



If you run a Native Advertising campaign, you practically rent / buy a space within a platform that already benefits from an audience and inserts a reference to your own product or service in that space. In this article you finde example of native advertising. This insert is done in a “natural” way, that is, according to the existing context and comes to provide relevant information (when done correctly) to the audience. Native Advertising is also a way to distribute the materials resulting from Content Marketing efforts.

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