Why do you need a Facebook grid tool?

Why do you need a Facebook grid tool?

Facebook requires advertisers specific bannering rules for promotional campaigns. Philosophy differs from that of Google, but each platform imposes its own rules.

Facebook is a network that transmits messages and information through images and videos. This is why the promotion of text-only use is not allowed, with the majority of image and video campaigns dominating. Using a Facebook grid overlay tool you will make ads that are effective, because respect the 20% rule of Facebook Ads.

Currently over 80% of images are based on product images or banners promoting a service or product.

To limit advertisers, Facebook has imposed on them that each banner used in campaigns should not contain more than 20% of the text. This is currently allowed, which is why it is most likely that you have seen banners that have a lot of text. The more the text takes from a banner, the higher the costs, and it will run less. This is the way that Facebook tries to tell advertisers that a good banner is one that contains a little text and that transmits more through images.

How do you create banners that comply with Facebook rules?

The solution is also offered by them. The Facebook grid tool allows you to correct your creations so that they contain text within the limits imposed by the platform.

Steps are simple:

  1. Type in the Facebook Grid Tool or Facebook Overlay search engine
  2. Click on the first result
  3. Load each banner and analyze the platform’s response.

Our recommendation is to use only Banners that receive Ok from Facebook.

Excessive text will influence costs and results will not be satisfactory.

Do not hesitate to use the Facebook Grid Tool. It’s free, easy to use and helps you check banners for online promotion.

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