Why do you need an digital marketing agency?

Why do you need an digital marketing agency?

If more than 10 years ago this question was not so important, online advertising can now support a business. Nowadays the presence in the online environment is a necessity for the company, no matter its age on the market.

  1. Target audience
    In USA are over 325 milion people that have access to the internet, which means that among them are your target clients that you can target with the promotion campaigns.
  2. The online environment generates sales.
    If you can get sales with a physical point, imagine you can increase your sales by over 100% by targeting your target audience in Unitated States.
  3. Increased investment efficiency
    Unlike offline, online marketing campaigns online can be measured with a very high accuracy. You see every minute how much was spent, how it was spent, what ad was displayed, which keyword generated the conversions, or who is the most motivated buyer to buy. The indicators provided by the different platforms will give you a complete overview to understand your users and how they buy.
  4. Visibility
    With online promotion, you will gain visibility online, and over time, such campaigns will help you create a strong brand that will mean something to your consumers.
    Creating an online store or presentation site will make you like the needle in the fan carriage. Every company needs to create an online marketing strategy to get out of the crowd, so you can draw attention to yourself by differentiating and clients will appreciate your ideas.
  5. Speed
    If you want to build an advertising spot and the budget needed to promote you online, you can get huge costs, with the help of PPC promotion platforms, you can set up promotional campaigns in just a few hours, and the amount invested can be totally controlled by you.
  6. Accuracy
    Depending on the platform you use, you can create highly accurate campaigns to tighten people who are really interested in your business. You can use targeting by age, gender, device, browser, interests, hobbies, activities, status, region, etc.
    By using a more accurate targeting, you will be able to reduce costs by increasing your revenue due to the efficiency with which you have delivered your ads.
  7. Positioning
    Through online promotion campaigns, you can position yourself on the market to place yourself in the minds of your customers as a store selling cheap products or, on the contrary, a luxury one that maintains the quality of the products offered and consequently puts higher prices.

Online promotion is the key to increasing your business in a way you just dreamed of, but it’s all about how you tackle things and how you manage your business.

These are 7 of the most important reasons to promote you online. Their list could continue, but it is essential to understand that the rise of the online environment continues and that you need to give it the necessary attention.

Promos is a professional digital marketing agency focused on obtaining conversions at low prices. The conversions represent the final objective of our campaigns, an extremely important objective both for us as an agency and for our clients. A high number of conversions and a low cost per conversion show the efficiency of our activity.

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